BySilas James Rowland, writer at
I'm directing my first feature film this year. It's a gangsta action/comedy titled DIE YOUNG.
Silas James Rowland

Who the hell am I?

A chubby-white-kid born out of Greenville, SC and still living there. Besides that, I'm a writer, director, actor, and producer with 40 years of experience under my belt. (But that's only if I time travel because I'm only 19 right now. (And I also don't wear a belt.)) Anyways, I've been into video production for about six years now. I've directed and starred in over 40 sketches. I've made a documentary, two commercials that have aired on multiple networks, and I even filmed a wedding which I vow never to do again.

I've been writing a feature film for almost nine months but now things are finally starting to take off and I thought I'd like to track and share some of that progress here. Our casting news (because we got some big names attached), and any other updates that transcend with the development of our movie will be shared here.

I'll be back when I have something gangsta to say.


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