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Jason O Callaghan

There with the night in medieval Japan the most lethal source malevolent than elite warrior class who held the reins of power for more then seven hundred years my name is David and here's my story.....

David played by Colin Ford
David played by Colin Ford

David grew up with the mystery of his father disappearance becoming an outcast outside of home one day after his birthday he found a letter that gave him a photo of him and his father and a message (come by the subway station at around 09:56pm alone) and he went there and meet two men in some type of old Japanese clothing and he asked who are you guys and the one on the right said Im Cole Yuu and the one on the left said Im Cain Yuu and The two warriors said We came here to take you to your destiny and David did not take it that way he said Is this some kind of joke? and Cole said we ware the ones who sent you that letter and we want you to pack your bags and come with us to train you how to fight and learn about your father. So David went back to his house and packed his bags and Cole and Cain were talking to his mother and he had his last hug with his mom Kim and David and Cole & Cain went to a airport to meet a bounty hunter named James and James was very shocked to me David and James said your father was a legendary samurai and he is one of the big names out here after a long journey from New York to Japan they went to the very large temple named The Order Of Peace...

David ???????? is 18 and he is very smart kid and he is destined to do great things.

He is played by actor Colin Ford and his past and personality is inspired by the Star Wars character Luke Skywalker


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