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Well seeing as how I haven't made a post in a while, so I decided to do this...

With all the hype surrounding Marvel currently, concerning their take back of the rights to our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, I thought up a few famed names who I believe would make perfect choices to play these iconic Marvel characters. So here we go again... This is my Fan-cast for the Next Spidey film!

#1. Spider-man/Peter Parker

As everyone knows, sadly, Andrew Garfield will not be renewing his role as the web-slinger... And then a bunch of 18 years old dudes were called up to the plate, the most popular front-runner being Asa Butterfield, but do we really think a guy this young, Spider powers or not could really hold his own alongside The Avengers? They're all in their 30's, at least, all extremely experienced saviors of the Earth or other realms and Parker is fresh out of High School? I think he ought to be slightly into his adult years, say 23 year old Freddie Highmore!

If you don't know this guy you've apparently been under a rock since before 2004, so let me catch you up. Anyone who's seen Finding Neverland, August Rush or Bates Motel can tell you that this young man is quite accomplished, as an actor especially for his age. Starting out around age 6-7, he's appeared in films with Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter & the late Robin Williams.

His range is very wide and he could easily play Parker in his early 20's, starting out at the Daily Bugle, as well as copping with the death of his Uncle Ben (who should really only be in flash-backs if you ask me. I mean, his death at this point is really.. done to death...) and also dealing with having to balance a life of crime-fighting with his new found powers, plus maintaining a normal relationship...

Highmore has the emotional drive that could make Parker's struggle really believable to the movie goers and that is why he is my personal choice for a replacement Peter Parker...

#2. Mary Jane Watson

So after the tragic end to The Amazing Spider-Man 2, people started talking about the possibility of reintroducing Mary Jane as Garfield's next love interest, I understand they even scrapped a scene in the finished film which featured the lovely redhead making an appearance... But, naturally, with new owners, comes new cast choices. And here is mine...

Granted I haven't seen much of her work, what I have seen I've liked. 25 year old Renee Olstead would be a perfect fit for the role of the sexy, sassy MJ... Slightly older then Highmore, but the both of them really look like a pair of teenagers, don't they? And would they just make an adorable on-screen couple?

#3. Aunt May Park

Stern and stylish, this sassy lady would and could make an outstanding Aunt May, she has the acting ability to be gentle and kind-hearted but can cut to super cool in a second when its required. She's a great actress with a lot of evidence to back herself up. She can play funny as well as strict and just about anything between. Jane Lynch should play Aunt May, I say!

#4. Uncle Ben

Now as I said earlier, we've all seen the Uncle Ben death, we know the story, we've seen it done before so this time around why don't we agree that that part of Spidey's life has been and passed. He already has his power, but his responsibility still escapes him. He seeks solace in his memories of his dear Uncle helping him to find himself and what it is his responsibility to take care of...

And the wise old gent to feature as his voice and memory, why this legend right here would fit in nicely. He has the look of a man with much to teach...

#5. Norman Osborn/Green Goblin

This one was the easiest for me to choose, I thought about it for about 5 seconds and said "Yes, perfection, no question!" and here he is, folks...


After looking at a few images of Norman Osborn (comic version) there was only one name in my head, Tommy Lee Jones, but as we know he's had his place in the MCU already as Colonel Chester Phillips. So I kept thinking and came across the image of Osborn you see above and in a moment I knew who it had to be. Why Dr. Cox of course!

John C. McGinely is an actor that I'm sure we all have at lest some respect for. Spending 9-10 years earning our trust and approval in the hit comedy series Scrubs, his last few years on Ground Floor as well as countless film credits to his name, McGinley would be a great Norm Osborn/Green Goblin!

C'mon, we'd all rather this than see McConaughey, am I right?

#6. Harry Osborn

Of course, we all know that rich billionaire maniacs are nothing without their cocky arrogant offspring... And as such I picked a name you'll recognize...

Now again I haven't seen everything this kid has done but from what I can tell, he ain't bad. He looks like he could be the son of Johnny C. and anyone who knows him from Nanny McPhee knows he's no stranger to being little shit... He would be a good friend to Peter and could eventually become a worth advisory.

#7. Sandman

Originally I was going to say Wentworth Miller for this part but upon rethinking I decided on this guy instead. You all know Firefly, and if you don't I pity you, and who could forget good old Jayne Cobb? Adam Baldwin would make a pretty awesome choice to play Flint Marko in the next Spidey outing...

#8. Doc Ock

This again was a fairly easy one to pick, he just looks the part. Most will recognize this fellow from his days as the annoying geek on The Office (USA). He would play the role of a scientific super-villain without a hitch if you ask me and could be a humorous yet serious baddie for our beloved wed-sliger to take on.

#9. Eddie Brock/Venom

Probably best known for his role on Prison Break, Dominic Purcell has made quite a name for himself in tough guy roles. Having ties to Marvel already can't hurt his chances, as Purcell featured as Drake (Dracula) in Blade: Trinity (2004). With his build, bald head and ability to play a big mean son of a gun, Dominic could nail this character without even trying...

#10. Carnage

So if you haven't seen Jackie Earle Haley whopping arse in Zack Snyder's one good super-hero film to date (Watchmen) you're really missing out on something. And that something is Rorschach the blotchy-faced bad-ass. But Haley has done more than that, he's also got himself a reputation for creepy performances, like Freddy in The Nightmare of Elm St reboot of 2010. Can't you just see this guy making a very sinister Cletus Kasady? I know I can!

#11. Felicity Hardy/Black Cat

And now, I've saved the best for last, In my own opinion, because I know I'm not the only guy in the world who's wanted to see this character on screen someday, and the little minx I've selected to fill those big white boots is...

She may be young, but we must remember that Spider himself will be quite youthful in this next reboot. Known best for playing Hit-Girl in the two Kick-Ass movies, as well as starring in films such as Let Me In (alongside current Night-Crawler actor Kodi Smit-McPhee), The 2013 reboot of Carrie and The Equalizer.

Having appeared in over 30 films in her only 18 years, Moretz has proved herself to be a exquisite young actress who is clearly going places and the next place for her to go should be a BIG superhero franchise if you want my opinion.

And there you have it ladies and gents, that is how I would cast the next edition of Spider-Man brought to screen (Post Civil War, of course). Let me now below what you thought of my choices, anything you would change or if you simply wish to tell me how great I am, go for it! Cheers guys, thanks for reading.


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