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Some shows are just too far ahead of their time to be properly appreciated. While Moonlighting was more than a one hit wonder, running on ABC from 1985-1989, fans of the quirky detective show know that it left us far too soon. You can make a strong argument that Moonlighting self-destructed, but that doesn’t take away from the greatness that Moonlighting achieved at its high point.

The hour long dramedy (yes, you can blame Moonlighting for that word) about a bankrupt former model (Maddie Hayes) who partners with sharp-witted LA detective (David Addison) to run the Blue Moon Detective Agency was impossible to categorize. It was a perfect mix of comedy, drama, mystery, suspense, and romance.

Moonlighting was fearless. Actors regularly broke the 4th wall, episodes were filmed in black and white back when that idea was downright scandalous, and dream sequences gave the actors a chance to show off their musical and Shakespearean talents. The only things hotter than the sexual tension between Maddie and David was the rapid paced dialogue.

So who should star in a Moonlighting reboot? Here’s my dream cast . . .

David Addison - Chriss Pratt

Bruce Willis originally played fun-loving detective David Addison. The charming and hilarious role quickly made Willis a star. The actor taking on this role needs to be someone every girl wants to date even when he's being an annoying goof ball. My vote for this role is easy . . . Chris Pratt. Pratt is goofy, funny, sexy, need I go on? I didn't think so.

Maddie Hayes - Kerry Washington

Cybil Shephard played formal model turned detective Maddie Hayes. Maddie is a strong and independent woman used to getting her own way. The actress playing her needs to be a showstopper, able to handle both comedy and drama. My vote for Maddie is Kerry Washington. Anyone who watches Scandal knows that Washington commands every scene she is in - but how much fun would it be to see her wackier side.

Agnes DiPesto & Herbert Viola - Zooey Deschanel & Zach Galifinakis

The Blue Moon Detective Agency will also need a quirky employee named Agnes DiPesto to answer the phones and a Junior Detective by the name of Herbert Viola who can also be a love interest for Miss Beasley. These roles were originally played by Allyce Beasley and Curtis Armstrong.

My vote to play a re-booted version of Allyce and Herbert are Zooey Deschanel and Zach Galifinakis. Zooey and Zach have the quirkiness needed for some comic relief when needed and the talent to carry their own shows (which they both in fact already do). But this is a dream cast so I'm not taking into consideration anyone's current TV show gigs. I'd love to see these two together in my dream Moonlighting re-boot. Zooey and Zach would consistently steal the show away from Chris and Kerry which might come in handy when Star Lord needs to make an appearance in a new Marvel film.

What would your dream cast for a Moonlighting re-boot be? Would it be ruined (again) by the two leads acting on their feelings for each other or would the will-they-or-won't-they work better the second time around?


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