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Ant-Man is the next big movie to be released in the MCU and so far it only has a mediocre amount of buzz surrounding it. I'm really looking forward to see this one because I trust Marvel and I believe they know what they're doing in their movies. Also, Paul Rudd is my favorite comedy actor out there, so the potential of seeing him as a superhero this Summer is an idea I gladly welcome. So to help all you guys learn some of the cool stuff Ant-Man has done, here's a list!

  • When Iron Man became trapped in his armor, Scott saved him.
  • Alongside the Avengers, he first battled Taskmaster.
  • Ant-Man is not just called that because he can turn tiny but he can also talk to the little insects also!
  • Ant-Man originally created Ultron
  • He aided Iron Man and Jim Rhodes against Mauler.
  • He met the Fantastic Four, and with them first journeyed to a "micro-world", and battled there alongside the Thing
  • He accidentally shrank Spider-Man and battled the Scarlet Beetle.
  • Lang was even briefly hired by the Fantastic Four when Reed Richards was missing and presumed dead to serve as their technical consultant.
  • Lang played an important role in helping Mister Fantastic cure the Hulk when he was suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease; using a cure devised by Leader, Lang shrank down to microscopic size, entered Hulk's genes, and replaced the damaged genes causing his disease with healthy genes taken from the corpse of Brian Banner (Bruce Banner's father), the energy surge released when Hulk returned to human form integrating the new genes into his system and curing him of the disease.
  • He has advanced training and expertise in electronics, having earned an electronics technician certificate, plus additional advanced electronics training he received while in prison
  • Scott is seen in the "Alice in Wonderland" issue of Avengers Fairy Tales, where he is the Caterpillar as a representation of Cassie's dead father.

What do you think about Marvels latest experiment in the MCU? Be sure to see the movie this Summer and see Paul Rudd reprise his role in Captain America: Civil War.


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