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Hi everyone, now if you're all caught up on Agents of SHIELD season 2, you'll have seen the epic finale, and you'll now be wondering all sorts of things about season 3.


Spoiler Buffer. You're Welcome.
Spoiler Buffer. You're Welcome.

My main concern is about Daisy's new team, codename Caterpillars. We know that it is going to be a powered people team, something Coulson has been building up to for much of the season, and we know that Skye/Daisy will be in charge, also interesting to see because her evolution from an enemy (kind of) of Shield in the opening episode to leader of a team has been a joy to watch.

The question now is, have they really taken this relatively obscure team called Caterpillars based on the team members we will see? Or is it that in name only, while really it will be a different team? I think it is the latter. I think we are much more likely to see a team closer to:

The Secret Avengers

Obviously I know that a lot of the characters you see above will not be in [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](tag:722469) season 3. What I mean is the ideals of the team will be the same. It's basically just about a team of Shield agents who go on super secret undercover missions. We won't see the likes of Black Widow and Hawkeye, more like Mockingbird and Mack maybe. I would love to see Spider-Woman, but I very much doubt it. For the actual line-up itself, I imagine we will see something more along these lines:

Daisy- Quake

Obvious enough, Daisy as team leader will be exciting to see, and I can't wait to see the struggles and successes she has with it.

Mike- Deathlok

I really hope we get to see Mike Peterson as a regular in season 3, mostly because J August Richards is a great actor, and Deathlok is a really interesting and important character that Marvel could and should make a lot more use of.

Bobbi- Mockingbird

This may be a long shot after her traumatic experience in the finale of season 2, but I doubt she will stay away, if only because the writers need as many characters with recognisable names from the comics as possible. I think that is what this team is really about, getting a whole bunch of characters who comic readers will recognise all together.


You called?
You called?

Yes, I think so. Let's see, the season 2 finale left us desperately short of Inhumans, the whole place they lived is kind of damaged, and Lincoln is a powerful guy who was well cast and has already been put on the Shield index of powered people, and is a trusted friend of our team leader. Yes, I think he will be in this team.

Gemma Simmons?

Oh God no
Oh God no

Yeah, I can see it. After being so wary of super powered people all season, and the season ending with her being sucked into a black thing of super powered evil liquid stuff, I can definitely see season 3 opening with Gemma becoming super powered after being released from the liquid. It would certainly be difficult for her to adjust to powers of all people, and I think it would provide an interesting arc for her character.

Another Shield Agent?

I think we are likely to see another regular human Shield agent, whether it be Mack, Fitz or Hunter. I don't think May will go, she will have a different team, because Coulson will stay at base most of the time, making her most senior agent in the field. Those three are therefore the most likely candidates.

New characters?

Yes, I still think it is likely Marvel will dig up a couple of characters, possibly some obscure characters that were in two issues of some back title in the seventies, or Spider-Woman. Could be anything, so I won't go into it. Let's face it, all that time Coulson spent on powered people, he must have found something better than Howard the Duck.

What do you think? Who will we see in the team? Comment with any new characters you think we could see.

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