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Ralph Varlese

Side by Side is a 2012 Documentary from director Christopher Kenneally and is hosted by Keanu Reeves. Film vs Digital has been a hot button topic in the movie business for well over a decade now. In this movie we get to see how the movie making industry has been altered by the introduction of video.

Keanu interviews Filmmakers and actors to get their feelings on how the new medium will change the way we make and see movies. Some of the people he sits down with are; James Cameron, David Fincher, Christopher Nolan, David Lynch, Robert Rodriguez, George Lucas and Martin Scorsese

Since Lucas brought us the the Star Wars prequels, shot with Sony HD cameras, Digital capturing of images has become the standard. However, not all filmmakers are happy about this. Sure it's cheaper, faster and easier to work with, but does that make it better? They explore the evolution of video cameras, digital editing and color correction as well as the use of CGI.

This film (video) gives you opinions from both sides of the coin and just might change how you think about the movies you love. I Say "Watch It" and decided for yourself.


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