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Last year, the Marvel universe was in the center of "Spider-verse", which was a Spider-man crossover event that featured every Spider-man ever as they team up to combat the ultimate evil that is hunting the Spiders. Some fans loved it. Some fans hated it. But, most fans did agree that it was fun. Now, Marvel is taking that concept and throwing it headlong into the world of "Secret Wars" and we get to again sit back and enjoy the ride.

While many characters are seen in this first issue, it still isn't overwhelming to us. The first issue mainly focuses on Spider-gwen(is it the same one we know from her own comic I can't answer) as she learns that on this world, she has already died at the hands of the Green Goblin. Since that day, Peter Parker has gone missing and is presumed dead, and Norman Osborn has become Mayor of this city on Battleworld. But, Norman is again up to his old tricks, and he is slowly forming a new Sinister Six to combat the Spiders that are slowly appearing in his city. The one concept that does stand out is the idea that the Spiders that appear in this issue are the first to know that something is not right. They have memories of their entire life on Battleworld due to God-Doom,but they know they aren't supposed to be there. This is due to the Web of Life that was discussed in the Spider-verse comic event from last year and this year. This adds to alot of mystery that is sure to unfold in this limited series, and serves as a method to bring back the regular universe. The art isn't that great in this comic though, and the word bubbles constantly change so we don't always know who is thinking those thoughts at that exact time. At the same time though, the series seems to feature exactly what I wanted from more Spider-Verse so seems to suffer from a weird identity crisis. If some of the lingering questions and confusing elements of the series can be cleared up in later issues then this could be a great mini-series that incorporates a lot of classic spider-man continuity as well as some of the more recent modern additions. I give this first issue a 6 out of 10 and I feel that it will get better over time.


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