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Spider-Man joining the MCU is a pretty big deal and rightfully so i think he is the most popular hero. That also means were getting his villains who are pretty much iconic most notable the Green Goblin. Spider-Man and the Green Goblin go together like the Joker and Batman do. We have already heard the Spider-Man role is coming down to Asa Butterfield.

A big question is though who would be his first villain he squares off against and most importantly who would play him. This comes down to the man who apparently has been reading both DC and Marvel scripts and that is Matthew Mcconaughey! Its a pretty big rumor thats going around and it says that Matthew Mcconaughey could actually be Norman Osborn in the new upcoming Spider-Man movie. That is pretty big news but what has all of us scrambling even more is the fact that this means a new Green Goblin as well! We already have had two Norman Osborn's on the big screen with William Dafoe being my favorite. I cant help but to wonder though if this rumor is true just how will Matthew be? I made a video on my quick recap of Matthew being eyed to be Osborn check it out below!

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Can Mcconaughey be the Green Goblin we deserve!?


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