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If you have yet to hear about the amazing story that is Miles Scott, better known as Batkid, then here is a link to USA Today where you can read his story.

And below will be the trailer for the upcoming documentary about Miles, called Batkid Begins.

While the world has been inspired by Miles Scott's story for over a year and a half now; with the recent release of the trailer above, his story has recently been revitalized.

With this trailer also came a thought I had: Should DC take an even greater step in honoring Miles and his story, by naming an actual comic book character after him? More Specifically the fifth Robin?

Now by no means am I suggesting that they rename the title of Robin to Batkid; but name the next character to take over the Robin mantle Miles Scott.

There is of course the fact that Damian Wayne still currently is Robin in the comics, and that makes this discussion irrelevant. But as we have seen time and time again, Robin always moves on to take on his own superhero identity.

Damian's time as Robin will eventually end like his predecessor's before him. When that time will be, is hard to determine.

Whenever the time does come and Damian is either his own superhero persona, or taking up the mantle of Batman from his father, there will have to be another Robin, and what better character than one named in honor of Miles Scott?

His story has inspired so many people around the world with his bravery. He has also become a legend to many in the comic book community for his love of our favorite Caped Crusader.

He even has a classic DC Comics name like Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake to name a few, who all have two first names.

Miles Scott
Miles Scott

If DC has no plans in the near future to create a new Robin, then hopefully they could find a way to create a new character named Miles Scott, and introduce him into the DC lore. I feel like a new hero named Batkid may be a little too cartoony for a comic book in modern times, but I am sure DC could come up with an idea if this is something they actually want to do.

There are so many comic book characters out there, and new one's getting made everyday. Maybe it is just me, but I would love an inspired character that not only means a lot to us as superhero fans, but to people all over the world.

I hope a movement can even get started to bring a character named after Miles Scott into DC Comics: even if it is something cheesy like .

Miles got his wish to become Batkid. But I truly do think I speak for a lot of people when I say that this is our wish to DC to bring a character like this to the comics for us to fall in love with, like we did with the actual Miles Scott.

What do you guys think? Should DC name a character after Miles Scott, maybe even the next Robin? Or should Miles Scott just remain the Batkid we know and love? Tell me what you think in the comments, and thank you for reading.


Should DC Comics name a new character after Miles Scott?


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