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This is a fun-loving and hilarious film for all the family. If you love musicals, Pitch Perfect 2 is a must see! Why haven't you seen it already?! If you're worried it won't be as good as the first Pitch Perfect, don't be. They have got the comical timing down to a tee, once again.

Rebel Wilson has really out-done herself this time with the hilarity due to courageous stunts she managed to pull off. The audience also get a little more than they bargained for, they get to see what life's like down under, if you catch my drift. She absolutely 'crushed it'.

It's completely jam-packed with catchy tunes and aca-amazing beats. Even more so than the first film. As well as just about all of the entire original cast, it also features some famous faces such as: Barack Obama, Snoop Dogg, David Cross and Reggie Watts. Although, I definitely do not think it was as acapella based as the first film was, which is why I loved the first film so much, but the second one offers, in my opinion, a bigger plot to the story. Throughout this film, we see a lot more of the Bellas partying and travelling to 'find' their sound. I was pretty disappointed that we don't see as much of the Trebles, but it's probably because their is now a shift in rivalry. It's now the world championship they're competing in, so their rivals have become the German-European team, nevertheless the Riff Off featuring famous faces such as Reggie Watts from the other acapella teams, was absolutely amazing!

I wasn't totally crazy about the idea when they introduced the new character, Emily, who auditions in her Freshman year and becomes part of the Bellas as she is considered a 'legacy'. Although, I would say as the film progresses you begin to 'get to know' Hailee Stenfeld's character, Emily and grow fond of her. Mainly due to her blossoming relationship with Benji. It's inevitable that by the end of the film something is going to happen between Emily and Benji. Benji is also featured more in this film than the first, which really pleased me because there is just something extremely endearing about the character that you can't help but love.

Anna Camp's and Adam DeVine's characters (Aubrey and Bumper) also feature in Pitch Perfect 2 even though they have left college and are working, which also works as reasons for them travelling, to in-cooperate these characters into the film. Personally, I'm really glad they made an appearance seen as they were a pretty big part of the first film; leading the Bellas and the Trebles.

I would definitely recommend this film to a friend. I would watch it again in a heartbeat!


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