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In the past few months, I've been doing my best to avoid most of the new trailers and footage released for Jurassic World. Since I am heavily anticipating the movie, I do not wish to have too much revealed to me. All I have watched is the first trailer and maybe a commercial or two. However, during a browsing session on Reddit, I came across a link entitled: "Creepy New Jurassic World TV Spot." Upon watching it, I was actually very impressed.

This TV spot starts off with a dinosaur egg starting to hatch in a laboratory, set to eerie music. As it cracks open, clips of a concerned Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) and the two younger main characters running in terror are shown. Suddenly, a sinister-looking dinosaur hand with long, razor-sharp claws is seen piercing the shell of the egg.

Afterwards, a shot of a fearful Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) holding a flare cuts to the eye of the dinosaur hatchling being revealed. As the camera closes in on the egg, more clips are shown of characters fleeing in terror, the Indominus Rex attacking, and other characters fighting back.

To top it all off, the Indominus Rex gives a ferocious roar and the baby dinosaur is seen one last time through a hole in the egg. What seems like albumen runs down her face and the movie's title and MPAA rating are flashed on screen. Finally, the Indominus Rex is seen menacingly lurking in the forest while a voice says: "Rated PG-13."

In a mere thirty seconds, the TV Spot tells us pretty much everything about the basic plot without giving too much away. Basically, a dinosaur created in a laboratory is out for the blood of the humans that monkeyed around with nature.

Many of us already knew that this is what the film was about. However, the way the plot was teased in this spot was just astounding. Its eerie, ominous mood really gave a sense that our heroes would be facing a truly terrifying foe. It invites audiences to see if the main characters will make it out alive, and promises plenty of thrilling ans suspenseful man-versus-beast setpieces.

Many have criticized the marketing for Jurassic World as revealing too much of the movie's details. As a result, some moviegoers will chose not to watch this TV spot, or maybe even change the channel when it comes on. On the contrary, if there's one teaser you should check out, it's absolutely this one. It is not only brilliantly pieced together, but will make audiences' mouths water for Jurassic World's theatrical release.

Jurassic World hit theaters on June 12th!


Has the movie's marketing been giving too much away?


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