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Ever wanted to play a game with a story exploration experience, but are sick and tired of the same old Earth-like atmosphere of houses, forests and other such environments? Well, ladies and gentlemen, Fullbright has you covered with their new game, Tacoma - "a story exploration video game set 200,000 miles from Earth".

From the amazing folks who brought us Gone Home, Fullbright video game studio has a knack for creating an amazing story and environment for gamers, casual and hardcore, to get immersed in and explore to their heart's content. As someone who enjoyed the gameplay experience from Gone Home, playing it at night with all the lights off and with no background noise to achieve maximum immersion, I have high hopes for what Tacoma can bring to everyone in the gaming community, and what kind of story we can get immersed in up on the moon's surface.

I can see my house from here...I think.
I can see my house from here...I think.

The announcement trailer doesn't give us much in relation to story, characters or gameplay experience, except that we are in space of course...but it gives us a lot to think about, and even more to be excited for. Why are we on the moon? What has happened at the Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma? Who are we, and what challenges and mysteries await us? The team at Fullbright had this to say about Tacoma:

The challenge with a second title is to give yourself new, big problems to solve. And for us, solving the problems of how story exploration gameplay works in microgravity, what kind of near-future timeline might lead to the existence of Tacoma Station, what this imagined place looks like, what the daily lives of its inhabitants might be like… it’s new and invigorating territory for us all to explore together as developers here at Fullbright. And we hope you’re just excited as we are to see how it all turns out!

Well, if the story and gameplay is anything reminiscent of Gone Home, Tacoma is definitely a game to keep your eye on...or telescope.

Tacoma is aimed to be released sometime in 2016. If you wish to be alerted about new developments with the game, or to find out more about the game, sign up for Fullbright's email newsletter at and follow the game on Twitter here! Don't forget to follow Steve Gaynor, co-founder of Fullbright, on Twitter here to keep up with all their future games!


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