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Zombie Control
Zombie Control

C.D.C. Labs

One of many. However this lab is kept secret. Not only from Area51 but from the CDC itself.

Infection Control.

Having access to all members of the Center for Disease Control through a system of spy cameras and bots. Linked through a network of vents that all led to her domain. Seated in her steel throne as she controls fate with the push of a lever and a touch of a button. Using stolen technology from Doctor Zale to create her own inter-dimensional portals. A slew of gateways line the circular room like doorways to alternate realities.

Infection Control goes over the history of her current ongoing experiment in mutation and mind control.

Alternate Earth. One of Many. Many of one.

It started with the clones of The Foundation's core members. Placed on this new version of their birth world and set loose by Infection Control. In short order they simply took over the world. But as such in just as short order, their defects came to light.


They self imploded. All of them. The more they used their genetically cloned powers, the more they swelled up and simple decombust. But it did not end there. The very air itself was then infected and everybody on Earth started to gain super human powers. It was chaos. But a chaos that did not last. For they too suffered the same fate as those who infected them. An entire world's dominant beings exploded on each other and then imploded in on themselves. It was messy to say the least.

Only two known clones from the CDC facilities have ever been successful off the genetic splicing of a toon and a template.

Zombie Control and Abstract Rouge.

Zombie Control

Zombie Control

The science of this was devised by Zombie Control himself. He is the only stable test subject to date and some say that is calling an apple an orange. Abstract Rouge is only half the Rogue as the original. She is also AWOL. And much like her genetic predecessor, The Rogue, she cannot be controlled.

So the experiments continued. Infection Control was a summoner in ever sense of the word.

Subject Earth 163

Werewolf. Taken from the DNA of Silvermane, the Werewolf raid Boss. A single infected human turned lycanthrope was placed on a fresh new alternate Earth. It was not long before this world was consumed just as the other. But it became clear as light, an army that rises only during the full moon was not an army at all.

Subject Earth 164

Vampire. Again, from Lord Lucius Bloodvayne who was the vampire raid Boss, came the strand of DNA that infected a single man who was placed into a fresh new world. 35 nights is all it took for an entire world to be turned and only 36 days of sunlight to burn it all to ash. Another infected test subject self terminates as well as an entire world.

Subject Earth 165

Drone. Metal and Man proved formidable in SHC. And it only took 3 days for a single drone let loose on an unsuspecting alternate Earth before the entire population was fixed into one thought and as one mind. A collective was born as another earth dies. But a collective has its own will. A single will. And is one that cannot and will not be controlled by another agenda.

Subject Earth 666

Demon Spawn. The oOgLyHulk. Allowed entrance unwittingly to a fresh world he soon took complete control and brought Hell to that Earth. But what good is a barren and burnt world that cannot sustain any life other then hellspawn. It was also not long before oOgLyHulk realized he was merely a tool in another users campaign and he fought back. Ripping his way to his back to his own world and finding himself locked in a prison designed just for him. His mind was altered to forget these events and a simple of his DNA was taken. His potential was the greatest to date. Entered into a division of the CDC and under full control.

Subject Earth 666.1

Skilgannon the Damned. Cloned Demon Spawn. From the DNA of The oOgLyHulk. The Damned would be placed as the others on a fresh world to consume and turn a whole world into an army. However, Skilgannon consumed souls and his ghastly army could only be controlled by he. The one who took them. And Skilgannon the Damned will not be the pawn to another master. The demons were too powerful. Each fought back. This time when Skilgannon fought back, he returned with a vengeance that could not be contained or altered. The specter took the soul of Infection Control in that moment, leaving her with only a spec of humanity.

Subject Earth 166

Golden Demi-gods. From the DNA of the ancient Golden Pharaoh himself. A painful process infected the population with golden blood and turned them to a golem army. But as others, the army was linked to the legend and could not be given new orders or be reprogrammed. They only continued to slaughter in order to please death.

Subject Earth 167

Feline. From the genetics of Exceed SHC an entire Earth is infected and altered to become like cats. Deemed a success at first, the population soon tripled and then tripled again. An army that would one day over populate any given world is not an army that can be controlled.

Subject Earth 187

Druss the Legend. His DNA was used to infect death itself by turning to reincarnation. An army that would always rise again is a true army. The most successful test was also the most difficult to contain. If you cannot quash your own minions, then you cannot control them. This world was sealed off as if it never existed.

Subject Earth 199

Teleporters. From the DNA of Dr. Bamf. The ability to teleport short range and long range is a formidable ability and tough to counter. An army of such soldiers would have limitless possibilities. And that is a problem. It was not long before the Bamf's had Snikt their own Earth and started blinking into other alternate Earths. It was a nightmare. Bamf's here and Bamf's there. They were all over. They could not be controlled.

Subject Earth 200 to 204

The Elements. From flaming hair to Hydrophobia. The elements had been tamed, but could they forge an army that could be controlled. Each case was a no. Air is air, Fire is fire, Water and water and Earth is Earth. Infection Control wants it all. Not one or the other. If the world did not burn itself up or flood itself out, then it dispersed into nothingness on its own or turned to a dead lifeless rock of a planet and nothing else.

In each case, when the experiment hit a dead end, Infection Control would simply hit a button. A self terminate button to atomize the test subjects into nothingness and to contain spread of disease and infection. It would set the very air in the atmosphere on fire. Whole worlds incinerated without a care other then the experiment landed upon those worlds had failed. In some cases, worlds invaded by these infestations or aligned to those alternate Earth's were terminated as well. To make sure there was no loose ends. No leaks that could consume all that is, if left unchecked.

Entire worlds purged of the diseases she had infected them with.

All but one.

Subject Earth AMC

The Walking Dead. Infected by a dose of the Z-Virus. An entire world was reduced to a shamble of itself and continued to be overrun by the undead Zombies.

Zombie Survivalist
Zombie Survivalist

The bottom feeders of the dark side food chain where the key. In an instant, Infection Control could terminate them all. With a flip of a switch she could save all the people who still survived as the living on this world. She could set foot on the soil of this alternate Earth and she herself would thus become a god. This is what she is looking for.

It is not enough. It is not the core SHC Earth we all live in now. It is not her Earth and it is not the alpha reality. And there is no city quite like ours on any other world or in any other reality.

Earth SHC

The answer has rested with one person this entire time and Infection Control has always known it.

Your Zombie Ex Girlfriend >_<
Your Zombie Ex Girlfriend >_<

Jade Reilly.

The only self aware zombie in all existence. Somehow able to still have her own mind and not be all consumed to devour flesh.

Zombie Horde
Zombie Horde

A zombie army that can be controlled. An infection that has a reflection. Minions in every sense of the word and not simply lemmings. However, Area51 have once again taken Jade Reilly and placed her under their protection. There is also the threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction looming over all. Ready to drop the bomb.

Somehow, the only zombie to save an entire world by simply not unleashing the infection upon it that pumps through her undead cells. Jade Reilly is self aware. Very aware that if she starts to tear into the heroes and villains of SHC, nothing in any tooniverse could ever stop them.

Rage Zombies
Rage Zombies

They would consume all. They would turn everything to grey. They would not be in self-control as Your Zombie Ex-Girlfriend is.

" I will have my Super Powered Zombie Army!!!! "

Zombie Army
Zombie Army

They could be controlled.

" Slave to my will. "

As she needs to be.

" She will be. "

" For my plan to succeed I must turn Your Zombie Ex-Girlfriend.... back. "

Back, into Jade Reilly.


Breaking out the Ex.

Area51 compound. Location: Secret.

Situation... under attack.


The alert has sounded. The base is under attack and all available toons to combat.

Target: Abstract Rouge.

The clone of The Angelic Rogue made by Zombie Control and Infection Control as part of an attempt to make their own super team based of the genetics of the originals. Most self imploded as expected. But one held out and she is a mini handful.

Area51: Psychic Experience

First onto the scene. The team tackle the Abstract Rouge. The league is almost outmatched but begin to take control. Suddenly... Test Subject 15 runs onto the scene. Sprinting like an Orc with a torch toward the main entrance of the stronghold.


Self destructing. Collapsing the arches and weakening the roof. Fire and smoke cloud the field of battle. The Abstract Rouge turns the tide back in her favor. The sirens alert more toons to the situation. The Asylum Maniacs arrive as well as, The Insane to pitch clean up.

It is a few short minutes until The Abstract Rouge is literally dismembered by the Area51 strike leagues. Arms, legs, Torso and head all severed. All electron. Abstract Rouge is nothing but a cyborg. Barely alive to begin with. Realized now that this humanoid construct had been created by Area51's own technology. Stolen and most likely by allies.

" Wait... where is she? " Asks Kharn the Betrayer (which just seems funny he would ask)

" Who? " As the leagues look around among themselves while holding cyborg limbs in hand.

Kharn informs, " You're Zombie Ex-Girlfriend! She's gone! Find her. She can't be allowed loose for long. "

Not long before Area51 realize they have been duped. The Rouge was a decoy. The target was abducted and more Area51 technology and biological science could be in the same dangerous hands that set The Abstract loose on them. The same source that has already stolen their advanced ideas and used them against them.


As Area51 find themselves under attack by the obvious threat, Infection Control unleashed a swarm of nano-bots in the form of cybernetic mosquitoes. The little bugs fly through the city and are programmed to target those who wield superhuman powers. For some it only takes a small sting. A tiny bit to infect them with the control nanites into the blood stream. With others it requires an open mouth, an inhale of the nostril or a buzzing into the ear. More direct and quick access to the brain. Clamping onto the stem and injected all Infection Control needs to access the response system of those now infected.


Final Judgement enters the secret lair.

He is not alone. Dragging kick and growling is Your Zombie Ex-Girlfriend.

Taken from Area51 during the bogus attack. Defected to CDC recently. Reason for which now become clear.


Infected days ago with the same nanites that now spread throughout the hero population of SHC as the full plan is coming together on the inside. Infection Control instructs Final Judgement to place Your Zombie Ex into a glass coffin that stands upright and is plugged into a huge console and vents that stream to an other glass like chamber.

INFECTION! I'm not here to solve your problems!
INFECTION! I'm not here to solve your problems!

" GAHHH NHKKK ARGGGG! " She growls as the stern toon tosses her into the glass coffin and slams the glass door shut.

Your Zombie Ex strikes the coffin sides and door. She is quite boxed in. Trapped.

The machines are activated by Infection Control from her station of computers and levers.

Final Judgement stands as in guard mode. An unwitting automaton of an ally. But there is another. From the shadows just behind IC lurks her true partner. A large misshapen hulk like being who glides around in the background. Watching and observing.

" Now it is time to see if your technology can truly reverse the process that originally infected Your Zombie Ex-Girlfriend. " exclaims Infection Control.

" Yes. Time to give Jade Reilly... LIFE! " Concurs the evil in shadow.

The glass chamber begins to rumble as the machines shift gear and the vents scream like an over powered vacuum. Your Zombie Ex pounds the glass as the chamber fills with a green steam. A mist that slowly streams off her undead zombie body. Particles, cells, dead flesh. The infection is removed.


The process is also quite painful. Not only is the tissue subjected to stress and tearing... but the mind has memories fused back in it. The pain of remembering it all like it's happening again. Life.

The mists stream into the vents. The dead is removed like a layer of unwanted skin. The body is naked to the flesh. Cruel to watch. Red like muscle and howling like a human.

The vents stop. The screams do not.


Like a spray on tan, the body is pelted by a new layer. A crafted suit made of human skin. Speck by speck it is shackled to her body until the mold is completely cast. A being once again as was born.


Curled to the floor the gas chamber to which has just given her a second life. Shaking with nerves recharged all at once. Senses switched from devour to survive.

Final Judgement removes the test subject from her confines. the mists have been contained in the chambers of what looks like a meth lab in the middle of a cook.

The the mystery benefactor looming behind Infection Control speaks.

" She is no more use to us. But she must remain alive and in human form. Her living body is connected to the tissues we have extracted. If she dies, they live. Take her to holding cell 13. "

Final Judgement picks up the limp body of Jade Reilly and tosses her over his shoulder. He slowly lumbers out of the control room as the next phase begins.


The Z-Virus has been extracted from Your Zombie Ex-Girlfriend. As pure a strand as one can get to the original Z-Virus. It holds the flesh together longer, better, stronger. The decay is slowed compared to today's infected by the more common diluted strands.

The chambers moans as they struggle to contain the green mists. It is time to release the Z-Virus throughout Superhero City.


The chambers slowly empty. The green gas flowing through the vents once again, but not back into the holding coffin. These gases have a longer distance to travel.


From the sewers to the streets. Green mist steams up from the manholes and gutters city wide. into the air they rise and gust away into the winds. Breath and you are now infected.

Super powered or not. A scratch, a tear, a bizarre chance you get zombie spit in your mouth... you turn. Slowly but surely you will become the walking dead.

Implanted by a nano-bot, you are also controlled. You will attack your friends, your loved ones and your league mates.

All it takes now is an introduction agent into the mix to really kick things into the next phase.


From the backwoods to the rivers edges, the dead will rise... at the flip of a switch.


Infection Control activates the release locks to dozens of cages and secret underground chambers in earth and in concrete. Pens of Voodoo King Lou's zombie minions. Lemmings that will soon breed an army for Infection Control and her mystery partner.




And it all starts with just one bite.


Jade opens her eyes slowly.

The room around her is blurry and bright and she can't even begin to imagine where she is.

Too bright. She clutches her head in her hands as the pain surges through her brain in a slow, heavy throb. There's also a high pitched whine pumping in her brain like an air raid siren somewhere off in the distance. It's a sound only Jade experiences.

Pain. She hasn't felt pain in so long. She squints at the skin on her hands and arms and can see that her skin is clean and healthy. There are no more scars. The wounds that never ever quite seemed to heal before ...are gone!

Everything is ....sparkling, ....fresh and new, ...and crystal clear.

And so very wrong.

Something is ....missing!

The chaotic harmonies of a thousand friendly little voices in her head have disappeared. Subtle, nearly imperceptible voices that kept her connected to reality every day have left her ...or have been taken away.

"ArrrgggHhhhhHHHHhhhhHHH!!!!" Jade screams in horror.

The camera mounted near the upper corner of the non-nondescript room adjusts itself slightly, and focuses a little more tightly on Jade.

Jade's senses are as sharp as ever even among the chaos boiling her head. She hears the mechanical sounds of the device and her eyes immediately lock onto the camera as she scrambles to her feet. Someone is watching her right now!

She rushes directly underneath the camera, staring up into it and shouts, "DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'VE DONE?!!


Something is wrong. Black Knight can feel it. "Your Zombie Girlfriend" has been made normal again. This is out of order! Time has been altered!!!!! "Must make time normal again", he cries, "Back on track!!!!!!!!!!"

And with that, Bk concentrates on time itself, and casts a spell, reversing what was done to her, to Infection Control's horror! There will be no Zombie Horde under her control if Black Knight can prevent it!!!!


Black Knight, Dark Wolves Alpha
Black Knight, Dark Wolves Alpha

I was on vacation when this happened, certainly not on guard duty and the duty roster says the same as of 15 minutes ago. Also, I'm not going to be the one to tell the boss about this.


As oOgLyHulk (AKA Subject Earth 666 to the CDC) was imprisoned, his mind nearly wiped blank. Not knowing who he is or was or the true potential of his powers. After being imprisoned for years in a shifting cell with no chance of rest as the walls were a non-stop picture show flicking faster than any strobe light, oOgLyHulk's evil slowly slipped away.

Now that oOgLyHulk is with the CDC and under control, the CDC still hopes that oOgLyHulk's full memory will never return, and the CDC praises that his once evil personality is now used with the CDC to ameliorate the conditions for others in a world that he used to threaten himself.

The presence these beings choose to call Final Judgement watches the goings on with mild interest. He responds to the directions given him by one of these lesser sentients because he is curious to see where this squabble between them goes next - not because he feels any need to heed their directions. In truth he could simple change the thing they call "now" with but a thought but, watching where things go on their own may prove more interesting.

Lucky for them, it seems he shall hold off on his "Final Judgement" to coin one of their phrases....for now.

Abstract Rouge: "Zombie Control, Subject 166 has awaken from his slumber." Zombie Control: "Good, is he a zombie?" Abstract Rouge: "Not Sure, his flesh is rotting but he seems to have a mind." Zombie Control: "Damn he would of been fun to hunt." Abstract Rouge: "fun to hunt, his blood could be the cure to the Z-Virus." Zombie Control: "Fine take some samples of his blood if you can. Then take some zombies and eject the blood in their veins." Subject 166 (aka Golden Pharaoh): "Where am I? What is this place? Where's Osiris?" Abstract Rouge enters the room. Abstract Rouge: "It's going to be OK." Golden Pharaoh touch Abstract Rouge. (He learns by touch) Years of knowledge was learned in a fraction of a second. Golden Pharaoh in perfect English: "If you must take my blood and cure your mistakes." Hours later, the zombies were prep. Abstract Rouge: "Zombies are being ejected, Zombie Control." Zombie Control: "Good if the cure fails tell me and i'll bring my AR-15." Seconds later the zombies weren't getting cure more like transformed to rock type creatures. Abstract Rouge: "Zombie Control." Zombie Control: "What?" Abstract Rouge: Think you're going to need a RPG. Abstract turns her Communication Device towards the rock monsters. Zombie Control: "Shit! Don't let them break out." Just then Leroy J. Jenkins was walking by when the door is smashed open crushing Jenkins. Zombie Control Arriving at the scene too late. Zombie Control looks up and screams: "Jenkins noooooooo!"

End of Subject 166 audio log.

Infection Control is seated at the control console that is walled in my video monitors. They spy on the city and track the carnage she has unleashed onto the streets. Zombies have invaded SHC.

It started with a single bite. A toon from Delta7 was helping a woman in distress. Turns out she was being attacked by a zombie gangster. He in turn was able to bite and infect the Delta7 toon. Unaware yet he was infected, the toon returned to his league mates and once inside their headquarters, turned full to zombie and attacked his friends and allies. Delta7 had been compromised and divided in less then 12 hours. From there the Z-Virus scratched and bit its way into leagues like WMD, Area51, Thieves Guild, Fear and many others who tried to restrain the infected toons. 24 hours later 1/4th the toon population was infected.

The villains gloat over the chaos they have created on this hallows eve.

" And very soon your revenge shall be complete! " States Infection Control.

Mystery Partner, " Yes. For what this city has done to me, I shall watch it all turn to grey and decay. They will regret having ever made me their problem! "


Magic blasts the not so Secret Lab. They have been found and are under attack.

The Dark Wolves Elite are using their magic to try and counter the science at work here. But the lair is deep inside the Earth and has been protected, until now. For their magic has weakened the ground and their magic is seeping through. If they reverse what has happened to Jade Reilly, it will in turn reverse the infection unleashed upon the city and its mighty heroes.

It shall require special attention to deal with these wolves.

CELL 777

The wolves soon find themselves being pulled into the ground below them. Zombie hand ripping up from the Earth and dragging them down to hell. The wolves fight back and find they are in combat with a Z-Virus infected 777: Blood, Sweat, and Steel league of toons. Bite for bite they fight on. Changing from Wolf to Zombie to Zombie to Wolf. Howls to moans and growls to snarls. Problem solved.

Meanwhile, the spy cam in the cell of Prisoner 13 has gone to static from the attack. It will require a repair. They send Final Judgement to the cell along with Repair Bot 142.

But there is a problem. The cell is empty and the water pipes to the sink are missing which has caused the small room to begin to flood. Water rushes from the room as Final Judgement unlocks and opens the door. It causes the Repair Bot to malfunction. Final Judgement must investigate for himself. The prisoner is gone but there is no clear sign of escape. He enters the cell.


From above the door frame drops down Jade Reilly, holding two thin pipes in her hands like daggers. Stabbing at the eyes of Final Judgement. Breaking through his helmet visor and impaling whatever might be under there. Just hoping he has eyes like normal people do.


Final Judgement roars out in pain while firing his mega guns blind. Ripping holes through walls and creating an escape route for a very frantic Jade Reilly. Avoiding the laser fire she leaps through a hole in the wall and then another. Darting down a hall and...


Almost getting blown up. But she shakes the concrete dust off after the close call and finds that the last blast which almost killed her, has set her free. It leads to the outdoors. To freedom!

Running off into the Halloween Night as Damage Control gets to work on automatic repairs.

" Fool! Sometimes I think you do these things on purpose! " Shouts Infection Control at Final Judgement.

His visor smashed in and his face a bloody mess. Infection Control looks at the damage done to him by Jade Reilly and send him off to get a new set of eyes. But now the link to keeping the other heroes undead is a fugitive. This will require a search team to hunter her down and bring her back.

Enter, CDC Countermeasure Unit.

Quickly mislead into tracking and bringing in Jade Reilly, who they do not know is and was Your Zombie Ex-Girlfriend.

Not far away, Jade is running from the city as more and more Zombie Toon's swarm. She soon finds herself look at ordinary homes and ordinary lives as they exist for most of us. Kids trick or treating and a zombie apocalypse just over the horizon.

Soon Jade is running again. Z-Virus infected Zombie toons from Battle Born have taken to the suburbs. Homes soon burn as families scream and run for their lives. Jade flees as do the rest of the normal people who were always warned about living so close to that cursed Superhero City.

The night is almost over and by morning the infection will spread into the surrounding states. Withing 30 days the entire world will be mindless Zombies one way or another.

Infection Control turns to her partner and congratulates her in advance.

She was always full of herself.

Not far away, Jade Reilly finds herself back home. The street she used to live on with her family. The house she grew up in. All ablaze with fire and echoing with screams. All around her the world is dying while she lives.

Realizing life was better for everybody else when she herself was not of them.

Life was better with Your Zombie Ex-Girlfriend in it.

When we realized that "Your Zombie Ex-Girlfriend" had been restored to normal, we all concentrated on Time itself, and cast a spell to reverse what had been done. Unfortunately, we never anticipated that the Zombie army would still be unleashed upon the Earth by a simple bite from a Zombie Gangster. Time was still altered!!!! And we faced a league of the infected! They were infected by the Z-Virus. The same one that originally started the whole Zombie thing in the past.

There has, to date, been no cure for the Z-Virus, but somehow, "Your Zombie Ex-Girlfriend" had managed to keep her mind, and that, we knew was a fact. Then, suddenly, the Crystalis Ship began downloading information it had gathered on the subject. And an cure had been postulated. So while we were being infected by the league we faced, we tried the postulated cure for the Z-Virus infection that was transforming us.

Somehow, our spell to reverse time to change Jade Reilly back into Your Zombie Ex-Girlfriend had not worked, and the 777: Blood, Sweat, and Steel league had infected us with the Z-Virus. The postulated cure given to us by the Crystalis Ship was going to take a bit of time to do.

It had to be done to each one separately, because the cure involved taking a DNA sample from each one, making the "cure" for that individual, inject it into that person, and then move on to the next person. The "cure" was individually tailored for each person, because the Z-Virus alters one's DNA.

Basically, a DNA sample is taken, the Z-Virus components are extracted from the sample, and then the remaining DNA is then put in a protein sheath, just like a virus has, and injected back into that individual. So the person's original DNA will act like a virus and restore that person to normal. Providing nothing else from the original DNA was altered.

This was going to take a while, so BK did it to himself first, while he still had some remnant of his mental faculties left.

(OOC: Lucky for BK, he has a bit of a scientific background! A Geek and a Warrior, all in one person! )

To Be Continued....


The midnight hour begins. The streets of trickortreaters has been overrun by the brain eaters. Zombies unleashed upon the city by Infection Control and her Mystery Partner.

The infection has spread to the Superhero Community. In turn, some of which have been implanted with a mind control microchip.

" Execute Command... 666. " instructs the Mystery benefactor.

From withing the hallow halls of the CDC Secret Lab, Infection Control presses the key commands on her console to activate the control chips. Across the city, toons turned zombie are now subject to mind control, having their minds darkened by the Z-Virus of those most powerful now turned to controlled puppets. The city panic turns to national concern and nuclear containment is already being discussed. The citizen flee, but they won't get far enough.

Jade Reilly has been returned to her human form. But she is lost in a world she was never meant to be in. Around her the people turn to zombie turn to attacker. Nobody is safe but her. The sent of the undead reeks upon her as if she was one of them. That along with the Area51 technology stuck inside her body that once allowed her to have a thinking brain in an undead husk of a frame. It is that brain of hers thinking now, that allows her to tap into the hardware and let it lead her back.

Back to the secret lab she had just escaped from. There is only one way this can end.

Jade Reilly must die!


The CDC have found her. They are under the influence of Infection Control.


Area51 however, are not. They intercept the capture and take on the CDC. Jade Reilly makes haste in her escape going unnoticed as the two leagues collide.

Secret Lab.

The damage nearly repaired by bots. Jade barely slides down through a small hole in the stronghold that drops down in the underground tunnels like a cave. The closer she gets to the control center the more her head throbs. She begins to walk as if drunk from the pressure in her skull leading her back to the end. What can she even do once see faces Infection Control in a final showdown.


The next steel door slides open before she can activate it herself. Before her stands a large shadowy figure that looms down upon her tiny human frame.

Zombie Control
Zombie Control

Zombie Control has arrived. Jade stumbles back and falls to the ground. The giant gas masked hulk slowly walks towards her.

The mystery is solved.

ZC and IC have always worked together. It's over. Jade is back in control.

" Please... " She softly gasps.

Silence falls upon the steel halls.

The gloved hand reaches out and offers a helping hand. Jade is stunned at first, but then takes Zombie Control's assistance.

" Why? Why are you helping me. You know how this has to end. It's not just her or me... it's both of us. Infection Control can't be allow to live or this will just happen again... and neither can I. "

Zombie Control has no verbal answer. He simply begins to loosen the buckles on his gas mask and slowly proceeds to show her the answer instead of telling her.

His face revealed for the first time to anyone since he has dawned the iconic mask. Only to Jade Reilly. Who in turn is not stunned by his appearance. She simply smiles and gentle caresses his cheek. Or what might be a cheek. Hard to tell.

" You truly are beautiful. I always knew that. "

Maybe a mystery has been solved. But it is not one to be celebrated at this time.


The door is off the hook. Infection Control and her Secret Partner are interrupted as they control and command the toons of SHC to zombify one another in the ultimate goal to reign over an undead world.

A queen of the dead is still a queen after all.

OR perhaps, two queens.

Looming in the shadow for only a moment longer is the force behind the chaos. An infection from the not so distant future. A shell of her former self. To which she lay blame on the toons of SHC for having taken it all away from her. Sometimes it takes two.

Infection Control 2.0
Infection Control 2.0

Infection Control 2.0

From the future to the past she has traveled to assist her former self into ruling the world and city she blames for almost destroying her. To then prevent herself from ever being ravaged by the monsters she herself summons into the Earth realm. Kept alive on by using Drone technology to pump life into her own dying body. Misguided experiments gone wrong that turned on her and in her twisted state she needed to blame someone, so why not everyone.

Zombie Control moves to attack, as does Infection Control 2.0

Jade Reilly wrestles with the original IC at the control console.

" Open them. Open them all... " Shouts IC 2.0

Ordering her past/present self to unlock all the gates leading to prior infected worlds that had been overrun by test subject they could not control or use to value. The roars and growls of Vampires, Zombies and Wolves echo from the open gateways. The creature legions are descending upon our world.

Jade struggles as Infection Control clad in leather and metal over powers the mere human girl and threatens to toss her into a portal most certainly leading to her doom. Maybe if it happens in an alternate world, the effects will not end from the Z-Virus tether that links Jade Reilly to the Zombie toons of SHC that still consume all outside of the CDC stronghold walls.


Zombie Control begins to rip apart the little that remains of Infection Control 2.0's cyborg infected body.


Jade Reilly will have to wait. The present day Infection Control acts on instinct to save herself. Smashing Zombie Control in the back with a large steel wrench.

Bad move.

Infection Control 1.0 finds herself in a choke hold by one hand while watching Zombie Control slowly snap and pop the cyborg head of Infection Control 2.0, her future self.

" No... noo... (bzzzzz) noooawwww.... nananana (bzzzz) ah aaaa aaaa aaaa. "

Crunched up like a babbling android that wouldn't shut up.


Slams shut the glass door to the chamber that once removed the Z-Virus from Your Zombie Ex-Girlfriend that now locks Jade Reilly back inside it. Zombie Control has hardwired the console to reverse the process. It will be painful to watch, but it will be ten fold the pain to experience. Jade never had any doubt that turning back if possible, would be as painful in reverse as it was going forward.

Zombie Control looks up one last time to Jade. She waves goodbye and then signals him that it's OK, do what they both know has to be done.


The engines are activated. The funnels and vents roar with power and science. Jade Reilly's hands stream across the glass case as the steam clouds up the small chamber and she slowly disappears.

" DIE!!!!!! " Roars the voice of a small girl.

Infection Control leaps on the back of Zombie Control and force him away from the controls. But she knows it is already too late. All that is left is her rage. Zombie Control reaches up and grabs his original partner in the CDC. His longest friend in the city and tosses her all the way across the metallic room.


She drops the ground. Her mask cracked in half. Huffing in pain as she slowly rips it off. Picking herself up while leaning against the glass coffin filled with the flesh eating gas and echoing with the screams of Jade Reilly. Infection Control looks up to see the tubes streaming the Z-Virus back out of the city air and into the glass chamber. She looks to the string of monitors spying on the city only to see her super powered zombie army slowly being returned to human form. Watching as the computers linked to the 51 control chips explode from feedback. Losing all hope to be the puppet master she turned on her allies and world for absolute power to attain.

Last resort.

The glass coffin is the vat to her reprieve. From her belt she removes a billy club. But once the switch is activated it expands out into a giant sledge hammer the rocks heavy PVD in combat. Or in this case, as a hammer to smash the glass of the actual case. The coffin.

Batter Up!

Infection Control pulls back hard to swing heavy and smash open the glass coffin and force the gas to escape into the room. Even if it means turning herself zombie. But she never makes it across the plate.


The process to reverse her Hallow Night continues. Final Judgement has returned and holds place between Infection Control and Jade Reilly. Locked in his hand, the last resort weapon snatched in mid air before it could shatter the glass coffin. It shall not pass.

" You idiot! I command you to let it go! "

The hammer is ripped from her hands.

" What are you doing! I am in control her! You listen to me. Do you understand! "

Final Judgement like Zombie Control need say no words. His large frame speaks volumes for him. He slowly steps forward and with each step, Infection Control is forced to take two steps back.

" Listen to me you mindless dolt! I own you! You do as I say and I say stop Zombie Control. Smash the glass and end it all! "

Now the high and might woman in control is a disobedient child screaming at the top of her lungs from the highest mountain.

" I am in control here! Victory will be mine! You... you... they... nobody... nobody can stop me! I am... "


" What?! " Infection Control is attacked.

Hands of revenge reach from the portals behind her that she had stepped backwards and too close to. The beings from alternate Earth's Infection Control herself had infected with various conditions. The claws of the werewolf, The bite of the vampire and the sting of the zombie all tearing into her tiny frame at once. She reaches out for salvation from Zombie Control and Final Judgement. Begging them to save her as she sees the glass chamber behind them has finished it's final phase of transformation.

Your Zombie Ex-Girlfriend is back! Like a mindless walker locked in a cage looking for the way out.

" Nooooooo!!!!!!! " Screams Infection Control.

Rips her shoulder from the socket. First the left side and then the right. Tearing her leg from right to left. As if she was being ripped asunder and pulled into three different portals at once. Infected with all three agents at once. Made immortal one moment and then hungry for brains the next or she will starve to death. The infections within her now that combined keep her in eternal agony. The body ripped apart between three worlds leaving her only a shell of her former self. The curse her future self was trying to prevent where the same events happening now that turned her so.

The gates close shut once the infection has been removed whole and completely.

In the end, Infection Control was her own worst problem!

The Aftermath.

The damage has been done. The time to heal has begun. Zombie Control and Final Judgement need not shake hands. The respect is clearly there. Judgement has been passed. Control has been regained.

While one moves on, the other is left to pick up the pieces. Zombie Control reaches down and picks up the last remaining speck that Infection Control was ever there. Her gas mask. He then looks to the glass chamber that has Jade Rielly locked inside. Only to find, she too is gone. The crafty Zombie Ex-Girlfriend has freed herself and the city. She gave up everything for a second life that walks this world in the grey area nobody else can control but her. For that is her curse.

The Z-Virus has been removed from the rest of the city and toons. The infected have been rejected and returned to flesh of father and blood of the mother. The night of undead terror is over. Clean up has just begun.

Not far away at all, walks alone in the dark, Your Zombie Ex-Girlfriend in a world where she is so small.

Stopping once when she hits a fence. And then rumbles and groans to be let in.


Returning on her own to Area51


Hard to say if that is a happy ending or not.


Doesn't Jade Reilly deserve a happy ending? Is it even possible?

The secret Lab used by the twisted Infection Control will be turned over and reconstructed by the CDC in due time. For now it shall remain as is while Zombie Control brings order back to his leagues and mates. Some have been manipulated by IC for a long time. Some will simply want answers.

The glass chamber rests now, but in truth it vibrates with a slight echo.

Time Hunter
Time Hunter

A woman who is much like The Traveler (Doctor Who). Only she allows herself the luxury to alter certain events. And to allow ones such as Jade Reilly a story that has a truly happy ending.

An essence once contained and doomed to fade away withing the hallow glass coffin is diffused from the glass walls and the residue of Jade once stripped is made almost whole again. A spirit lives on within the flesh removed. It only need a host.

Timehunter shifts her hands around the swirling ball of flesh energy and life essence she has tapped from the chamber and moves it slowly to her command and by her direction.

A single gateway is activated and the portal to an alternate Earth is opened. It is a fresh world. One left untouched by Infection Control and her tests. One that will act as a new home for a life once removed. Casting the energy ball of flesh and life essence into the well and into a new story.

Jane Reilly
Jane Reilly

Enter Jane Reilly.

" Jane! It's time to go! " Shouts a deep voice.

A glass coffin opens and the hand of fate extends out to her. Jane Reilly takes his hand and exists the glass coffin. In this reality, it was making her human that saved this world. Not the other way around like in ours.

The stronghold they now flee from is that of The Foundation and their evil plans having been thwarted. As Jane and her mystery man escape on foot and sprint far away, the build collapses in on itself.

Jane Reilly's eyes are flowing with tears now and she is smiling for the first time in a very long time. Suddenly it is clear that they are more than just partners at work or agents on the same team. They are lovers. She reaches up slowly to caress his cheek.

" You truly are beautiful. "

Jane throws her arms around her man and they kiss deeply ...passionately.

Without the masks.


Suddenly, as if time itself had shifted, everything was back to normal. The Z-Virus was gone from all of us. So we returned to the Dark Wolves Den to await another adventure. Which didn't take very long. For the Crystalis Ship had invited us to come back aboard for a little excursion to the Crab Nebula, circa 5012!

"Claire! Where is dat gas mask a mine?"

"Ummmm the word is "that." I think you meant "of mine." Your gas mask is uh wait do you not remember?"


"Last nite?"

"Sweetie I do not have (x) ta play what u did whilst under da influence. I neeeeedssss my mask. My friends were in truoble. I need ta make sure they are o'rite now dat dazombies outside have cleared. Where is it?"

"The word is "trouble" and it is on the bed. You are such a goof. But I love you."

"LolzzzzzzhizzzZ. I luv u to Claire. Gotta go."

Kharn falls to the ground with a sudden intense pain in his head.

Without knowing, Kharn screams out, "Angron "

Lucian speeds over. "Kharn whats up?"

Kharn replies,"The hunger, the taste for blood, has my primarch gone is he dead?"

"Primarch?" asks Lucian

"Yes my god the one who made me, the one who gave me the power to kill, to hunt and the thirst for blood."

Lucian looked puzzled he had no idea what Kharn was talking about.

In a blind rage Kharn attacked Lucian without thinking, without care, he was attacking his friend, his team mate.

After a swift blow from Gorechild Lucian was on the ground.

"Kharn what are you doing?" screamed lucian

Kharn stopped suddenly."Lucian my friend I'm sorry."

Does this have something to do with the cleansing of Zombie Ex Girlfriend, is Kharn Somehow connected to this ??

Will The Thirst For Blood Ever Come Back To Kharn, Was His Belief In A God/Primarch Real ??

Kharn the Destroyer
Kharn the Destroyer

The End?


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