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Let's talk about League of Legends. More specifically Ekko, The Boy Who Shattered Time. This guy looks absolutely amazing! His design alone is a characteristic worth mentioning, I mean, look at him! He's got the whole steampunk-timetraveler thing going for him. Look at that hair too! Ok, enough drooling over the fellow let's get to the important bits.

Character Design

This is regarding the purely aesthetic aspects of our snazzy new champ. Firstly, his gear looks amazing. His sword almost looks like it is made of time or some ephemeral/temporal hard-goo? Whatever it is, it looks really cool. I really enjoy the fact that more colored (for lack of a better word, if you have one please tell me and I'll change it) characters coming into the game and providing some diversity amongst the more humanoid champions. Also, a note of cleverness: his facial tattoo is an hour glass (I just thought it was neat, sue me)


I can't say much about his animation (and this might belong under character design but I felt like it was worth separating) as I haven't actually been able to take a close look at it. That being said, I have seen a little and have one or two things to say. The way he attacks is sloppy. Allow me to elaborate, in the way his attacks are animated Ekko seems to attack like you would expect a street punk with an awesome sword (or a naginata I can't really tell) to attack. It seems almost like it's too heavy for him. The other thing I have to say, is that I really like the kind of glowy essence flowing behind him and from his sword, it looks really really cool.


Ekko's playstyle seems slightly akin to Singed in the need to kite the enemy into your ultimate and the large amounts of slow/stun effects. His Q has nice damage and farm potential as boomerang style skill shot. His W pairs beautifully with Zhonya's Hourglass (So does his ult). His E is exceptional at chasing down prey and getting in that last bit of damage. His R (His ultimate) let's you rewind, gain some health, and do some damage as well as move a short distance. The only drawback is that everyone can see where your ult is going to put you. Well, it's the only one I've seen.

His Comic!

After his reveal, Ekko got his own mini-comic called Chronobreak (which is where I'm getting most of this art). Now, I'm not going spoil anything about it so you lovely ladies and gents can go read it here: What I will tell, is that it is really awesome.


In addition to the comic, Ekko got the full VIP treatment from riot and got a snazzy little video to go with his reveal. It looks flawless, and just gorgeous. Good job Riot.

That's all folks! All in all, Ekko looks like an exceptionally fun character (albeit a bit squishy) and I look forward to playing him when he shows up as a freebie one random week. You can read his full reveal here:


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