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Hello Flarrow fans! You'll notice that, quite out of character, I've been fairly silent articles wise for the past few days. There are two reasons for this: the first is that I didn't want to spoil anything, and the content of these articles is fairly spoiler heavy. So, last warning, with a nice spoiler buffer, to get out.

And perhaps the second reason, the most prominent, is that I didn't particularly feel like writing after the finale, because I was so awed by it. Fast Enough not only solidified itself as probably my favourite episode of The Flash, nor just comic book shows, but of shows in general. So amazing. I've already written a long response which you can have a read of. It was, in short, like a privilege to watch that hour of TV. So good. (Also, if you like my articles, you can like that page, as I've started using it to post them instantly there too. Don't ask why it's Barry Allen, I made it ages ago and just started reusing it haha).

But, now that the time for a spoiler cooldown is over and my emotions seem to be returning to normal, I can do an article on the finale.

Why did the wormhole still appear?

This seems to be a common question, but it has got a fairly straight forward answer, even if it's based on speculation and hasn't been affirmed yet. The singularity appeared and, in Stein's own words, "couldn't be stopped" nor would it "stop when the earth was gone." In short, quite fittingly in an episode where the multiverse had just been introduced- anyone think Cisco should get a glimpse of Batman V Superman next year? - this little universe or timeline is beginning to be destroyed. It can't exist.

But why, you may ask? Barry didn't save his mother, after all, in the most heart wrenching scene of the show to date. Here's why there's a paradox- in this timeline, Eobard Thawne created The Flash. When Eddie Thawne killed himself, Eobard Thawne ceased to exist too- that means that Harrison Wells never had his identity stolen, the particle accelerator would have been created in 2020, Nora Allen would still be alive- most likely, The Flash would not exist. This timeline has become one great big paradox, and similar to how time itself devoured the alternate world Barry found himself in in Flashpoint, this world is being erased accordingly, just like Eobard himself was.

Why did Jay Garrick's helmet appear?

This is another bit of speculation that me and a few others have come up with over the past few days, but it seems that when Jay's Flash helmet bounced through it could be hinting at two things- one, that, in accordance with some Flash lore, he's stuck in the Speed Force, and the helmet flung out when a tiny portal into that was opened. Secondly, that the wormhole was a gateway between multiverses- it's entirely possible that Jay's helmet fell through in that connection as it opened up.

Which leads one to question whether this could be a big hint of where we go for season 2. In Flash of Two Worlds, a classic Flash story, Barry's transported to Earth-Two and meets Jay Garrick, the first Flash. This set up DC's multiverse effectively until this very day, but it also makes sense to set up the concept of the multiverse in the TV universe- and indeed the movies, which, as above mentioned, exists in a multiverse with the DCCU. Could Season 2 start with Barry emerging on the other side of the wormhole and meeting Jay Garrick? It's certainly a possibility!

What did Barry see in the Speed Force?

I've got a whole article on this which you can see here (currently being written, I'll update) , but to break it down in short without detailed explanation of the Easter Eggs you'll find in the other post- he saw Killer Frost, he saw events from Legends of Tomorrow, he saw the Flash Museum, and he saw himself in prison.

What's with the ring on Eddie's neck?

A few people picked up on this- as Eddie is sucked into the wormhole, he does have an item on his neck- a medallion, which has been mistakenly called a Flash ring by multiple sources. It's not. However, Eddie's being sucked into the singularity isn't completely unsubstantial. Remember fan theories that Eddie would become Flash villain Cobalt Blue? The tungsten on Wells' time machine was replaced with cobalt, and Eddie was sucked into the wormhole accordingly with a whole lot of cobalt. In a blue shirt. Overreading? Probably. A nice Easter Egg, or something more substantial? We'll see.

Where to with Season 2?

Great news for fans of Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne- Tom Cavanagh will still be a season two regular. He's just far too popular and talented to let him go. At this point, Eddie- Rick Costnett- is gone, but we surely haven't seen the last of him- in Andrew Kreisberg's own words, "nobody's gone forever in Flash." As to the original Eobard, played by comic Thawne doppelganger Matt Letscher, the producers would also like him back eventually.

They have a big villain lined up for season 2, and we know at least one of the first nine episodes of season 2- which you can expect on air in October- will also help set up [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021), which will air in the midseason. I would speculate that it could open with a similar Flash of Two Worlds story, where Barry goes through the wormhole and finds himself in another timeline, potentially alongside Jay Garrick. Vibe developments will almost certainly happen, as will Killer Frost- expect Grodd to resurface, for a Reverse Flash of some capacity to make a resurgence, the Rogues to play in, and villains like The Top, Mirror Master and Doctor Alchemy yet to be introduced to show up. Wally West or Bart Allen will probably also be introduced.

Other than that, there's nothing truly solid, which is actually great, because what the finale did was leave the team with so many potential routes to go that we're bound to get something amazing eventually. So, hang in there for the big wait now, Flash fans- I'll continue posting every so often about Arrow (see what to expect in season four here), The Flash, Supergirl (trailer breakdown) and the DC World in general, but probably not as regularly.


What was your favourite part of the finale?

Any more questions? Be sure to follow me if you want them addressed in the future, or feel free to comment below, and I'll be sure to reply to you. Expect your first look at season two at SDCC- until then, full speed ahead!


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