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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Fantastic Four, a superhero film that will be the true definition of Boom of Bust. Many fans are skeptical and some have reserved the right to get excited for the film. When the original Trailer was released a while back we got a peak at each characters powers but we didn't exactly get a full look. A recently released promo for gave us a pretty good luck at the teams powers in action!

How do the Characters look?

The effects used to give the characters their powers are Fantastic (no pun intended). When Johnny "Flames on" it was great, I really am getting a good vibe from Johnny Storm in this film and I can't wait to see whats in store for us. The effects on Reed Richards when he extended his body were a bit wonky but still looked pretty good. Sue Storms force field had a great effect and really gives you a sense of her powers. The Thing is one of the main aspects that I am excited for, I have high hopes for The Thing in this film and it looks like i will not be disappointed. Ever since the trailer was released and I witnessed The Thing I have been wanting in a film since my childhood I was instantly intrigued. The Thing looks OUTSTANDING! Especially compared to the previous rendition of The Thing we were given.

Overall the characters have impressed me so far. I am definitely excited to see what this movie has in store for us as it really is a great unknown of films at the moment. I am not quite sure what to expect from this film but if the characters are any indication then we may have a pretty good film on our hands.

What do you think if the Characters? Are you excited for The Fantastic Four? Let me know down below in the comments and don't forget to follow!


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