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Justice is blind.

Daredevil is the first iteration of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to arrive on Netflix to form the darker, street level content that is more mature than the standard Marvel movie. Beginning with the incident that made him blind as a child, we are introduced to Matt Murdock as he saves a civilian as a boy at the cost of his eyesight. Ever since then, Matt was forced into learning how to adjust to being blind, which in turn made his relationship with his father, Battlin' Jack Murdock, much closer as a result. The origins of Matt Murdock is very interesting as we get a glimpse of his time with his father, before his death and what it does to Matt as a result. His father's death pushes Matt to become something more, someone who will take the risk to protect others, which does cause some conflict with his catholism, which becomes a very interesting part of his character. With the story of the show being about crime and corruption in Hell's Kitchen, it becomes apparent that no one can be trusted and everyone has secrets. Vincent D'onofrio as Wilson Fisk brings the character a much deeper story to his origins than I anticipated and through flashbacks, we learn what drives him to become the man that he becomes and why he thinks what he's doing is right for the city. The fight scenes were incredible and shot very well and gives the audience an understanding between Daredevil as a human character who can be severely hurt physically and doesn't walk away unscathed and The Avengers who while they deal with big threats, but you don't feel that they can be severely hurt as bad as Daredevil. The supporting cast is great and play in parts of the plot that is needed to move the story along and reveal Fisk's identity and intentions, as well as advance Matt Murdock as a character. The finale is good, but didn't feel as strong as the premiere. A great start and a good finish.


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