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Blake Brown

Let me begin by saying I love this show. The dark look the TV-MA rating proving that marvel is willing to go there,meaning we will most probably get the R-rated deadpool were all begging for. If kingpin can smash a head in with a car door,deadpool can be well deadpool. All jokes aside this really is a great series. They kept it true to daredevil. The only thing I can't say I like is the new costume in episode 13. For Pete's sake,the daredevil costume in the trial of the incredible hulk was better. Don't get me wrong its not that its all that bad even though I don't really like it its that its weird for daredevil. Now for the review. Charlie Cox is an amazing daredevil. Far better than Ben Affleck. The story is much darker than the original movie. To me the darker the better. Plus since its a TV show much more detail can be fit into it. Actually back to the Better daredevil thing all of the cast is better(person opinion). Foggy(Elden Henson) in the show is amazing and hilarious. Karen Page(Deborah Ann Woll) is a treasure to the show. Ben Urich(Vondie Curtis-Hall) is also pretty good.And Kingpin.Wilson Fisk.Vincent D'Onofrio.AMAZING! I can't even describe it. Just watch the show, PLEASE! Stick(Scott Glenn) is also cool. Although he was only there for 1 episode I love him. He has my personality. I want more stick actually. Hopefully he'll be in season 2. I'd like to say more but I can't without spoilers and I can't do that to anyone. All I can say is please watch it. I highly recommend it. There will also be 3 more series'. Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones in prep. for the defenders' role in infinity wars which is released in the summers of 18 and 19 in 2 parts. So to make sure you keep caught up watch the series',Avengers:Age of Ultron(May 1,2015),Ant-Man(July 17,2015),Captain America:Civil War(May 6,2016),Doctor Strange(November 4,2016),Gaurdians of the Galaxy 2(May 5,2017),Thor:Ragnarok(July 28,2017),Black Panther(November 3,2017),Avengers:Infinity Wars part I(May 4,2018), and Avengers:Infinity Wars part II(May 3,2019)


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