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Hotel Transylvania was released in 2012 and its sequel Hotel Transylvania 2 will be released on September 25th. In the follow up, seven years has passed and many changes have occurred. Especially for the film's protagonist Mavis.

In the prior film's ending, Johnny and Mavis leave to explore the world. Yet, as revealed on HT's Facebook page they've taken their relationship to the next level as they've gotten married. And then, sometime after (or maybe before) Johnny and Mavis....

Then, (however long a vampire's gestation period is) later Mavis and Johnny had their first child Dennis. In the sequel, with Dennis' vampire abilities being dormant Drac is concerned. So, while the couple's away meeting Johnny's parents, Dracula and the gang will put the young, ginger bundle of adorableness through a "monster-in-training" boot camp.

From left to right: Vlad, Mavis, Drac and Johnny
From left to right: Vlad, Mavis, Drac and Johnny

And with the impending arrival of Vlad (Mavis' grandfather) who's old school style wouldn't appeal to the idea of his great-grandchild being half human, let along the hotel allowing human guests will surely put some pressure on the family and establish a tight time clock to make Dennis spread his bat wings.

Unfortunately, nothing else more is known. Yet, as it gets closer to the release date, I'm sure we'll get more sumptuous details. Below is their recent teaser.


Are You Looking Forward to Hotel Transylvania 2?


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