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This is my final attempt to convince the internet of something I already know Age of Ultron sucks. This whole thing is a major spoiler so you have been warned. I left the theater feeling disappointed and having a strange feeling like I just watched a 2 hour long advertisement for two other movies. The movie makes me fearful that other blockbusters will follow suit, and bland down their stories to make billions, Age of Ultron was not much better than a transformers flick nothing but gratuitous CGI made for the global non-thinking audience.

Age of Ultron made me feel hungover and alone because the rest of the world has not realized yet that it sucks but I faith that eventually the world will come around and humanity will not put up with this crap. Instead of just ranting on like I did before Let me give you some valid reason why I hate this movie

Even Snowden knows It's photoshopped but who cares?
Even Snowden knows It's photoshopped but who cares?

Number 1 NO EMOTION.

Age of Ultron is flat and emotionless. Here is all the emotions I didn't feel while watching this movie

  • Fear: I never felt fear of Hydra or Ultron this has to do with no immediate threat throughout the entire movie. Some of my friends have rebuffed that Hydra is evil and Ultron threatened to kill the human race. Which I understand but I did't see any of the villains of this movie do anything that needed to be stopped immediately. Ultron spend most of the movie building Vision who we knew was a good guy going in so I wasn't afraid there. Hydra was attacked by the avengers and could barely defend themselves so why would I fear them? Did they have some grand plan to take over the world or kill a bunch of people? And I'm not talking about the events in other movies as in this film they are basically at the mercy of the avengers in this film.
You probably feel more fear here than the movie
You probably feel more fear here than the movie
  • Happy: I never felt happy for any of the heroes of this movie because non of them accomplished anything that was hard. They beat up on mortal humans that can't harm them and disposable robots. Sure they save the world, but the threat was never there until the flying city which they let fly until it could destroy the world. If anything the entire feels like the avengers covering up gross incompetence
  • Sad: I never feel sad for the characters because nothing bad happens to them. The worse that happens to them is that they have bad dreams that's it!! Quicksilver died but wasn't he suppose to be a bad guy, and at the end of the movie he was disposable.
  • Boredom: Felts lots of that with visual stimulation. Maybe because the movie so boring my brain could process all the 3D eye candy better??
talking about me?????
talking about me?????


James Spader. This is 100% matter of opinion but James as Ultron just didn't do it for me because I watch that blacklist I can recognize his voice from a mile away. With all the technology that is out the at stimulate me audio-wise a little bit. I know that talking like a robot is from the 80s but come on give me a star wars droid style audio manipulation that engulfs the senses. Its science fiction you don't have to make the killer robot friendly so children will buy the action figures they will buy it anyway!!! Also they made Ultron himself look cooler he was basically a transformer who didn't transform. They could have made his head more hollow inside and creepier that would have draw more emotion out and reminded us that he is software. Something that almost never be fully destroyed. A scary villain who could never fully touch or harm how much better would that have been??? But no instead they opted for the discount transformer look felt like his special effects were found at a clearance sale.

Even Simon Pegg realizes that Age of Ultron was a s*^% film

“(science-fiction and genre films are) taking our focus away from real-world issues. Films used to be about challenging, emotional journeys or moral questions that might make you walk away and reevaluate how you felt … Now we’re walking out of the cinema really not thinking about anything, other than the fact that Hulk just had a fight with a robot.” Simon Pegg

Source Radiotimes

I know random out of place quote right? don't worry you will get at number 4 but lets not skip


The movies before it were better except Iron man 3 and it's $#$%#$ twist. Avengers one made me feel like I was watching a culmination of an epic project, like watching all the prior films had paid off in the most glorious way. After watching Caption America Winter Soldier I had high hopes for the next Avengers movie. Winter Soldier tested the limits of government the morality of preventing crime & terrorism before it happens. When Age of Ultron they didn't have time to explore anything profound so they just skimmed right over it. In a perfect world we would have seen more of Ultron becoming Ultron before he betrays the avengers. I am still claiming MAD MAX 2nd best movie of the year with Star Wars as number 1.


Here is a quote from Joss Whedom himself

The dreams were not an executive favorite. The dreams, the farmhouse, these were things I fought [for]. With the cave, they pointed a gun at the farm’s head and [said], ‘Give us the cave’. They got the farm. In a civilized way – I respect these guys, but that’s when it got really unpleasant.....

source IGN

Yeap and that's pretty how I felt most of the movie was put together. Now I am not going to rant on forever as I have already done about how bad it is. I know ways to make the movie way cooler. Instead of 1 prime Ultron leading a disposable army they should of had just a couple version of him that were just as bad ass as prime. That way they could of showed up more unique combat and innovative action. Could you imagine fighting 4 Ultron bots that just wont die???? How would our heroes defeat that?

Joss Whedom compromised himself too much to make this movie it shows in the final product. Instead of making the best movie he can for the fans he made a disposable advertisement for marvel. I hope marvel learns from this as Captain America Civil War is starting to look awesome from the leaked press and I would hate to be disappointed again.

The more articles and blogs I see about how grand Avengers 2 is the madder I get the more the rage boils inside and the more I end up disliking this movie. If you still like this movie after reading all this I have no hope left for you. Your bloodline is weak and I hope Stannis Baratheon sacrifices you to the lord of light in exchange for the Iron throne.

Die age of Ultron fan boys die
Die age of Ultron fan boys die

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