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Well about a month ago I came across an article from fellow MP writer Allanah Faherty (Thank you) about how the biggest baddest villain (since the governor) in The Walking Dead, could totally be played by a woman. And in this day and age, why the heck not right? There's a ton of kick ass women actresses out there who can totally play him. I know that in regardless of people like me who would love for Negan to come to life and be played by one, more than likely it won't happen, but that doesn't mean that we can't imagine which of these tough ladies can take on the job of bringing this awesome villain to life.

NOTE: I cannot include ALL fantastic action stars out here so bare with me, this list is also at random and I didn't include the most notable ones.

1.- Lena Headey

Key Movies: 300/Game of Thrones/Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016)

As Queen Gorgo of Sparta in 300 and Cersei Lannister in GOT Lena Headey shows us that females can totally kick ass even back in those days, when in reality it was mainly a male dominating era. Lena has been quiet an action star with several awesome movies under her belt including portraying the tittle character in the t.v series Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the upcoming Pride Prejudice and Zombies. She even shared movie credits along our beloved Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) in the 2000 movie "Gossip".

2.- Zoë Bell

Key Movies:Raze/Death Proof/Inglourious Bastards

Known mainly for her amazing skills as a stunt woman, Zoë has made a name for herself in several action films. With a whole hell of a ton of stunt credits, we can easily say that Zoë can be one bad ass Negan, not that it will hurt her that much since she's used to getting down and dirty. But for the most part, she's always played the "good girl" which I'm sure that she can turn it around just as easily and can show us a different side of her.. specially if she throw's in that accent.

3.- Famke Janssen

Key Movies: X-Men Series/Hansel & Gretel:Witch Hunters/Hemlock Grove

Let's face it, there's something dark and mysterious about Famke's look that with one glimpse of her eyes can make you feel like she's in control, and not because she's played the famous X-men character of Jean Grey but because there's just something about her that makes you feel unnerving. Famke has played a telekinetic mutant, a powerful scary witch, and an alien so why not a murderous psychotic bat welding killer right?

4.- Pam Grier

Key Movies: Foxy Brown/Ghosts of Mars/Jackie Brown

Quiet possibly one of the greatest female action heroines in film history Pam Grier has an extended agenda and a ton of experience when it comes to playing a bad ass. With her undeniable amount of spunk and sassiness she can make Negan sound and look sarcastic but kick ass at the same time. We really don't know how old is Negan in the comic book to begin with, but Pam would definitely add some maturity to the character in a great way.

5.- Rhona Mitra

Key Movies: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans/Skinwalkers/ Doomsday

Most of you might not know who Rhona Mitra is, but she has a few good films to show for. She played the title character of Sonja in Underworld:Rise of the Lycans, (films made famous by Kate Beckinsale) among others. Rhona is also known for being the "Lara Croft" model so she actually has some experience when it comes to using some guns and other gadgets.

6.- Zoe Saldana

Key Movies: Colombiana/Guardians of the Galaxy/Star Trek/Avatar

Now a lot of people might think that Zoe wouldn't be able to pull of a Negan type since most of her noted works have been in Sci fi/drama movie types, but we also have to remember she showed us she could really handle herself and be a total manipulative killer in "Colombiana". One of the most sought out actresses in Hollywood these days, Zoe would bring without doubt a fresh and promising look into The Walking Dead.

7.- Eva Green

Key Movies: 300 Rise of an Empire/Sin City: A Dame to Kill For/Penny Dreadful

Eva Green most known for her portrayal in the t.v. series Penny Dreadful, has one of the meanest looks in the industry, which makes her naturally scary, remarkable beauty no doubt but still she can literally take the saying "If looks could kill" into action at a glance. We have seen her in action in the movie 300: Rise of an Empire (alongside Lena Headey) and we can say that she knows her way around swords, so it wouldn't come to a surprise that she would be very capable of handling that sweet sweet barbwire bat we've all been waiting for called Lucille.

8.- Ronda Rousey

Key Movies: Fast & Furious/The Expendables 3/Portal to Hell (2016)

One word.. Ouch! If a person like Ronda had the opportunity to portray Negan, oh boy, I think the group would be in serious trouble. As UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion,as well as the last Strikeforce, Ronda has been quite busy for sometime. With her sporting career and not to mention her acting one on the rise, Ronda can easily play Negan, well just because she can kick your A** and because she's not that bad of an actress, now, would she be willing to star in a t.v. role rather then a big budget movie? I'm sure she would.

9.- Kristanna Loken

Key Movies: Terminator: Rise of the Machines/Bloodrayne/Mercenaries

Now don't let her all American girl next door look fool you, this bad ass chick played opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger as the deadly T.X in Terminator:Rise of the Machines. She tried taking down John Connor and she failed, but there's no doubt that this blonde bombshell can be as mean as they come. She has the attitude, the look and she's the package all around. Tall and strong she will have no hesitations killing you.

10.- Michelle Rodriguez

Key Movies: Resident Evil/S.W.A.T/Machete/Fast & Furious

Quiet possibly the action star who's portrayed most of the toughest female roles in the past years Michelle could bring some latina heat into the character, would it work? Who knows, but one thing that we are certain about is that no matter what kind of action role you throw at her, she can totally make it work and she's great at it too. With her tough and "don't Fu** with me attitude" she can kick some walker a** like she has in the past. Plus having experience with zombies is a plus.

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