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Warning: Much Ant-Man speculation that could lead to spoilers!

What if everything that we have though about Ant-Man this entire time has been completely wrong? The much anticipated film received a trailer a while back and it seemed that movie was pretty clear cut, but was it really? For months the general consensus has been that Darren Cross a.k.a. Yellow Jacket will be the primary villain opposing Scott Lang, but is it really that simple?

Scott Langs Mentor the Villain?
Scott Langs Mentor the Villain?

What if the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym, is the true villain in this film? Anyone who is a fan of the comics knows that Hank Pym becomes a bit of a scumbag, so it's not so far fetched. Hank Pym may be manipulating Scott Lang into stealing the Ant-Man suit technology from Darren Cross for his own evil purposes. Michael Douglas always has a sort of villain vibe about him, he really seems like the kind of guy who could set up such an elaborate plan for evil. I love Michael Douglas' ability at playing a villain-type role. He is able to bring an intelligence to the role that is just outstanding.

Did LEGO confirm this?

As you can see above, Hank Pym is a part of the LEGO Ant-Man set in a very sinister looking Ant-Man-type suit. This wouldn't be the first time LEGO has spoiled something for a Marvel movie, we had our first look at Vision from a LEGO set, not a trailer or poster. While yes, I do understand that this is just a LEGO set, but it does not stop one from becoming curious. Could Hank Pym really be the bad guy? If LEGO has him in a very suspicious looking suit and he is part of the "final battle," then he could be on the evil side of it.

Would that explain this scene?

Could this explain the scene we were shown in the trailer for Ant-Man? Scott Lang and Darren Cross in what seems to be a park of some sorts and Scott utters the phrase, "I'm Ant-Man" and follows it up with the witty one liner "I know, it wasn't my idea." There seemed to be no hostility between the two enemies in this scene which would make one wonder if they both found a common enemy. Could Scott Lang have found out the truth behind Hank Pym's plan and decided to team-up with Darren Cross to take him out? This would be a very interesting twist to the movie and it would really be something the fans won't be expecting.

Is Hank Pym really the villain?

Hank Pym in the Lego Set
Hank Pym in the Lego Set

Hank Pym being the true villain of Ant-Man would be a twist I think would not only be awesome, but it is what the film could need. A good portion of fans have been very negative about the Ant-Man details that have been released and switching up the story with a big plot twist like this would really make the film much more interesting. If Hank Pym is anything like his recent comic book counterpart then we will be in store for a real scumbag of a character. Whoever the villain is, Darren Cross or possibly, Hank Pym, the movie looks great so far and I can not wait for its release.

The original Ant-Man turning into a villain, who would of thought right?

Do you think Hank Pym could possibly be a villain in Ant-Man? What do you think his true intentions are? Let me know down below in the comments and don't forget to vote on the poll!


Is Hank Pym the true villain in Ant-Man?


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