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Jaramya Sick Boy Rattle

So the basic idea for this post is I'm picking any actor I want to play certain roles. It's a fantasy cast so I can pick them at any age, past, present, or future.

Mark Hamill as The Joker

Now Mark has done the voice of The Joker in some video games and animated series but I would love to see him in a live-action adaptation. I think he has the best Joker voice of all. Of course he would be much younger. About the age he was during the original Star Wars trilogy.

Anthony Perkins as The Riddler

Tony is my favourite actor of all time! I loved him in Psycho. I think he would be great for this role cause he has the tall and thin look. Plus we know he makes a good psycho. Of course Norman Bates and The Riddler are completely different types of psychos but if you are familiar with his work you know he can take on various types of roles. I would want him to be the age he was in Psycho. R.I.P. Tony.

Malcolm McDowell as Alfred Pennyworth

This is another one of my all time favourite actors. I first saw him play Alex in A Clockwork Orange which is one of my favourite films ever. Of course I want want him to be the age he is currently for this role. Also he has a great voice for it.

Joe Pesci as The Penguin

Now Joe certainly looks the part for this character. He is already short so all he would need is a fat suit and a fake nose to pull it off. Also he is funny. But his humour usually involves profanity so this could only happen in my dream R-Rated Batman film, which will most likely never happen.

Julianne Moore as Poison Ivy

I think she would be good for this role mainly because she has the look for the role. She has the right hair colour and she is gorgeous. Plus she is also a very good actor.

Evan Peters as Scarecrow

I honestly don't know why I would like him in this role other than he is my favourite modern day actor and Scarecrow is my favourite Batman villain. I would love to see how he would portray him.

Christian Bale as Two-Face

I know he already played Batman in The Dark Knight trilogy but we know he can play a good villain from his work in American Psycho so I think it would be interesting to see him play Harvey Dent.

William Dafoe as Victor Zsasz

We all know he can play a good villain from his role as The Green goblin in Spider-Man. He looks creepy, has a creepy voice and over all would kick ass at this role.

Audrey Hepburn as Catwoman

She is one of my favourite female actors. She is a very talented, very beautiful, and looks great in black. Either way she would surely do better than Halle Berry did right?

Michael C. Hall as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Now this may seem like an odd choice but for some reason I would really love to see him play Batman. I'm not a huge Batman fan (fan-boys feel free to insult me for this in the comments) and really only read his comics for the villains, but I have a feeling I would love Batman if he played him.

Anyway, that was my list. I don't expect most to agree with me but I just thought I'd do it for fun.


Which would you like to see in a Batman film?


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