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"Poltergeist" is a remake of the 1982 horror film of the same name and stars Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt, Saxon Sharbino, Kyle Catlett, and Kennedi Clements in the lead roles. Clements shines particularly brightly as the person much of the film revolves around. Her mesmerized look at the supernatural occurrences which are happening in the house give light to her character's innocence.

Something which I was very happy about was how quickly the film got into its horror stuff. Oftentimes with horror films which deal with evil spirits haunting people there's a long build up of minor events which lead into a big ten-minute thing at the end. There's a fantastic scene which occurs about half an hour in which dives right into what these spirits can really do in regards to taking down people if necessary. It slowed slightly from there, but there was a never a very long pause in the action. The audience never forgot that the spirits were there and pissed off, shocking people on the stairs and throwing chairs across the room. It worked nicely, and delivered some great suspense as a result.

The interjection of comedic moments in horror is oftentimes tough to make work in a film about a serious predicament. But "Poltergeist" was able to insert small moments for jokes here and there which never halted the pace of the film and felt natural and fluid. I found myself laughing here and there, likely due to the unexpected humor in a film about evil spirits haunting a house from beyond the grave.

As one would expect (this is a horror movie after all), there are the occasional cheesy lines or poor dialogue, but I mainly noticed this at the beginning before anything supernatural was occurring. Once it gets going, the lines work and nothing really stood out to me after that.

Another thing I felt was odd was the short use of the clown doll. All of the trailers and most posters I've seen feature the doll, giving the impression that it would play a main role as the instrument of the spirits. However, the doll is involved in about five minutes of the movie, having one decent scene before being dealt with and removed from the remainder of the movie. It was simply odd, as I was expecting a lot more from this.

The special effects look nice also. Lots of CGI is used at various parts of the movie and it all worked pretty well. From a living tree to a purgatory-like realm, it all fit the tone of the film and looked crisp and as real as one would expect it to.

Lastly, the ending of the film stood out to me quite a bit due to its "Oh, you thought it was done? Not so much." type of ending. It through me and in an age where I'm seeing a lot of movies, to not see a twist ending coming is saying something about the film itself. It worked nicely, and gave the film a satisfying conclusion, although the final scene seemed a bit unnecessary.

"Poltergeist" works as a horror film. It has the scares, the tension, and a good plot. If you couldn't tell, I haven't seen the original "Poltergeist" so if somethings stood out to me that otherwise wouldn't have, that's why. I went into the theater expecting an average or bad horror movie, based on its RottenTomatoes score, but walked out very glad that I saw it and pleasantly surprised. Check it out if you feel up to it.

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