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Its the month of set photos and big reveals and i feel like i cant soak up all of them because I'm bringing you something huge from Civil War. This week we already have many set photos with pretty much the whole cast and oh yeah that big fight between Captain and Crossbones! It all takes place in an African market of sorts could it be Wakanda? I'm thinking the Avengers have come back to aid the people after Hulk's destruction and by Avengers i mean the new ones we saw after Age of Ultron! One question i have been asking myself though is exactly what role would Bucky A.K.A The Winter Soldier play? It turns out that question has been answered as well as the huge battle with Crossbones and Bucky's big role! I have to warn you now that massive potential SPOILERS follow so read at your own risk! If you're still here then lets get to it to those awesome spoilers we all love starting with Bucky's role!

The tidbits come from Lainey Gossip and were reported by Comicbookmovie and gave a little as to what side Tony and Steve take in the war. It also helps us understand exactly what fuels each of them even more for their respective side.

About the Winter Soldier, Lainey Gossip reveals that he will be "the touchstone of the conflict" in Captain America: Civil War especially considering secret identities are not as big of an issue in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as they are in the "Civil War" comic book storyline. Many have been wondering just how Bucky will factor into the superhero-packed adaptation, but we know from Avengers: Age of Ultron that he's still being sought out by Captain America. And it's been said that Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) "may be using the government registration" to also help track down the brainwashed super soldier who assassinated his parents, as revealed in The Winter Soldier

That totally makes me think DUH! of course Tony would want to track down the man who assassinate his parent. He knows if the registration act is passed that the man will be tracked down and of course Steve being so close to Bucky wants him to live a normal life. Its definitely going to be an emotional roller coaster from start to finish but that's not all about Bucky. Apparently he is not only being targeted by Stark but we also learned earlier this week the Black Panther is after him for reasons unknown at this moment. It only gets crazier because also freaking Crossbones is out to get him as he refers to him as his "HYDRA pet" back under his control. This of course might be the reason as to why Captain and Crossbones go at it in those set photos and videos. This whole scene is actually supposed to be the trigger to the registration act and what starts the Civil War according to the sources.

first big action set piece of the movie [...] that kicks off the Civil War

In the comics of course this was caused by a group of inexperience superheroes biting off more than they could chew and this could very well be what happens here. The new Avengers from what we can see consist of Scarlet Witch, War Machine, Vision and Falcon. In the set photos we only see Scarlet Witch and Falcon though but that is not to say that War Machine and Vision wont be there. In the photos we can clearly tell that the new Avengers are going at it with Crossbones henchmen and Captain with Crossbones himself. I'm pretty sure them being a new team wont know how to work together which is where the mistakes will come in. These mistakes of course will cost them the battle with Crossbones and have many innocent civilian casualties. All of this coming after the Hulk's destruction will only ignite the registration act even more and give it the final push it needed. It wont be like the comics of course because come on everyone here really doesnt have secret identities but it will be more of a monitoring of sorts. This of course will make it easier to track down The Winter Soldier for Stark, Crossbones and Black Panther!

If i were Bucky i be pretty scared that all three of these men are out on the hunt for me. Im pretty sure Bucky can handle all this and most importantly he will because something big is on the way for Barnes. According to the last tidbit from the source Civil War will make Bucky's role in Cinematic Universe huge!

Civil War is a critical moment for Sebastian Stan and Bucky Barnes—he has to get everyone on his side by the end of this movie, because his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to get a lot bigger.

If you're not already thinking about Barnes taking the Captain America mantle then exactly what are you thinking? Im not saying Captain will die in Civil War but i just think that Barnes will join the Avengers at the end of it. I believe Steve will know he might not be around forever to be able to lead them so who better than to take his mantle than Bucky?

m not too sure its all speculative but it could very well pan out like this. These rumors of course aren't set in stone and should be taken lightly but they do make sense. If you go back to the first and second Captain America Bucky has been seen holding the shield as maybe a glimpse as to whats to come?

I just can't wait to see a teaser or trailer for this movie and finally get some answers! I thought this feeling of anxiety for Marvel would be gone after Ultron but it only seems to grow now for Civil War. I can't imagine it come when we are waiting for Infinity War!

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Will Bucky Ever Take The Captain America Mantle?


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