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So we're all super excited about the new movie coming out soon, Finding Dory. When I first heard about it, I was told it was a prequel to the original story, Finding Nemo. But that seemed weird to me... for whatever reason. Finding Nemo was always a favorite in my house, with my baby brother always laughing along with Bruce or being horror-struck when the Barracuda arrived on screen. I decided to do a little research.

So according to various websites I clicked on, Finding Dory is actually about six months after the initial adventure, and while it's different, it sounds pretty similar to the original story line, which may or may not be a good thing. Ellen DeGeneres will of course be returning to voice Dory, as well as Albert Brooks returning to voice Marlin. But since Alexander Gould has not been confirmed as Nemo (which is kind of upsetting; I liked Nemo's cute little voice!) it makes me wonder if that means he aged? And if so, does that Marlin and Dory have as well? Also in the line up are a few new characters and a couple recognizable oldies and goldies: Dory's mom Jenny (Diane Keaton), her father Charlie (Eugene Levy), a beluga whale named Bailey (Ty Burrell) and an adopted killer whale sister (Kaitlin Olson). The returning (some of whom I've mentioned): Gill (Willem Dafoe) and Deb/Flo (Vicki Lewis). Another... interesting topic... apparently the majority of the film will take place in the Marine Biology Institute of California. The original movie was off the coast of Australia, so how did they end up in California???

I've got a lot of questions and concerns about the 2016 release of this movie. I've yet to find many good sequels (besides the Toy Story franchise) and I'm nervous about this one. If this sequel dive bombs, it could entirely ruin the first movie as well. But if it does well? I didn't even know there was anything else in the story to tell! But I guess we'll just have to see, and hope it's a Toy-Story-good sequel, and not a Pocahontas two sequel.


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