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There have been many natural disasters and man-made disasters and since the age of modern filmography we have been able to document those disasters and keep close records of them and now another well known disaster will make its way to the big screen when Deep water Horizon arrives in theaters. The film will chronicle the events 2010 deep water horizon explosion in the gulf of mexico and its aftermath. This film will be a gripping disaster drama that will leave you in shock and have you on the edge of your seat.The film could also become an Oscar contender if the subject matter is any indication.

here is a brief summary of the incident:

it all began on 20 April 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico on the BP-owned Transocean-operated Macondo Prospect. Eleven people were never found and it is considered the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry, an estimated 8% to 31% larger in volume than the previously largest, the oil spill. Following the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, a sea-floor oil gusher flowed for 87 days, until it was capped on 15 July 2010. The US Government estimated the total discharge at 4.9 million barrels (210 million US gal; 780,000 m3). After several failed efforts to contain the flow, the well was declared sealed on 19 September 2010. Some reports indicate the well site continues to leak.

A massive response ensued to protect beaches, wetlands and estuaries from the spreading oil utilizing skimmer ships, floating booms, controlled burns and 1.84 million US gallons (7,000 m3) of Corexit oil dispersant. Due to the months-long spill, along with adverse effects from the response and cleanup activities, extensive damage to marine and wildlife habitats and fishing and tourism industries was reported. In Louisiana, 4.6 million pounds of oily material was removed from the beaches in 2013, over double the amount collected in 2012. Oil cleanup crews worked four days a week on 55 miles of Louisiana shoreline throughout 2013.

The incident is still being resolved but this film could resurrect heated discussions about the incident and possibly open up old wounds.Those that lost their lives in the incident are still being mourned by their families and friends.It is the hope of many that this film will honor those who died and show us the lives of the ones who lived to tell the tale.This movie will most likely do well in theaters since it has such a strong story and very well-rounded cast and crew, but more so because of its relevance and lasting impact.

Deep water horizon hits theaters on September 30. 2016 and is directed by Peter berg. the film stars Mark Wahlberg,Gina Rodriguez,Dylan O'Brien,Kurt Russell, John Malkovich, and Kate Hudson.


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