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I recently found an article online which made me fear the dentist even more. Really, any place with sharp, pointy... anything near me and I go into panic-mode. But apparently there's a good reason to fear the dentist.

In Jacksonville, Florida, a mom was told to wait in the waiting room for three hours while her 6-year-old daughter had ONE tooth removed. Does that take three hours? Why wouldn't the mother be allowed to sit with her child while she was having a single tooth pulled?

Brandi Motley is the mother of this story, and her daughter, Bri'el, had no idea what she was in for. "Finally, the nurse came and got me and she said there had been an incident," Brandi Motley said. "(Bri'el) was hyperventilating. She had marks all over her, blood all over her." The nurse wouldn't give an explanation as to what exactly happened, and when concerned mother Brandi looked, she found that her daughter had had SEVEN teeth pulled! For a more in-depth story, click here:


Are you afraid of the dentist?


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