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So, Moviepilot's amazing staff member - Mike Fleck nominated me for declaring 3 super powers I would wish to have and one nemesis I would wish to fight. So here it goes!


Flight is one power that would be epic! Flying like Iron Man would be so cool! Personally, I would love to have a suit with flying capabilities. I will always find myself ahead of my enemies and it would be great to escape an are if things go south!

Physical Strength/Martial Art Knowledge (Any will do)

Physical strength like Bane or Hulk/ Martial Art knowledge like Batman would be so great. Enemies will maintain a distance and not ry to mess with me. I would have an injection with which I could improve my abilities a hundred fold both physical and mental. Enemies would be no match for me.

Ultimate Knowledge

I would love to have an ability that would make me strong, mentally. Predicting my enemy's moves beforehand and countering them soon would be very advantageous. Planning foolproof plans against my enemies is my kind of super power.

My Ultimate Nemesis


Yes people...The Ironbat. A villain with nearly all the powers that I have will be a nice challenge to face. Ironbat would be my mirror counterpart i.e same features but different agendas. A fight in Gotham/Metropollis would be great. The dark atmosphere would set the right tone. This fight would definitely be the fight of the century (Sorry, Mayweather and Pacquiao).

Nomination Time!

I nominate Sam, Ian, Amalia and Rosalyn for playing this game!

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