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From the moment his blood hit the sand in Spartacus, Hollywood was taken with Jai Courtney. The 29-year-old Australian stole our hearts in 2010, playing Varro, the sweet-natured, cherubic, Roman who sold himself into Gladiatorial slavery to repay a debt for his wife and child. Now he is taking on the role of Captain Boomerang in Suicide Squad (2016) with big names such as Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto.

Courtney has definitely become hard to ignore. Appearing as if out of nowhere, he has become one of the elite few of the current decade who made his mark the moment he hit the big screen. While not having many titles to his name yet, the ones he has are fairly substantial; a display of Courtney's potential, and the faith directors are putting in him.

From Spartacus to Suicide Squad

Andy Whitfield with Jai Courtney in Spartacus
Andy Whitfield with Jai Courtney in Spartacus

Quickly tucking the films Jack Reacher, A Good Day to Die Hard, and I Frankenstein under his belt, he acted alongside the likes of Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis and Aaron Eckhart. But his true debut came when he surprised us all as cruel and sadistic Eric, leader of the Dauntless in Divergent. In a movie filled with incredible breakout stars, Courtney's character stood out immediately as one you hated so much you loved.

Ironically, he is cast to play the same character in Suicide Squad that his Spartacus costar Nick Tarabay portrayed in the CW's version of Arrow/The Flash. While Captain Boomerang was a role Tarabay had done well for TV, Courtney is by far a more appropriate casting choice for the authenticity of the Suicide Squad.

Captain Boomerang

The story of Captain Boomerang is that of an Australian man raised in poverty by a single mother. Discovering a skill in making and using boomerangs at a young age, Digger Harkness was hired as a promoter for a toy company and required to perform with them. After being ridiculed and rejected by the crowds, he turns his resentment and frustration towards a life of crime. Joining the Suicide Squad after capture, he is considered to be a dangerous, vicious, and undependable member of the team.

Jai Courtney as Eric in Divergent
Jai Courtney as Eric in Divergent

Jai Courtney may definitely be a match to all the physical attributes of Captain Boomerang, but can he recreate Harkness' personality? Courtney's portrayal of Eric from Divergent agrees, with an attitude that could actually be considered so similar to Harkness' that it speaks for itself.

Suicide Squad should be a true test of Courtney's mettle, though, and will show whether or not he is here to stay.


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