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I'm Martin and I will tell you which MCU movie fights are able to get to the top 5. There are a lot of movies so far. But I will count only that whhich are from last decade. So now we could begin. There are a lot of great fights in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but only some of them are best. Let me introduce to you number five.

!!!WARNING!!! This text contains spoilers. So don't tell me I haven't warned you!

#5 Ant Man vs. Yellowjacket

Yeah! It wasn´t so monumental as another fights but it was amazing diffrent style. This fight was totally epic because they were changing their size. It was totally awesome to see world from this perspective.

Sorry. My apologgize for quality but i haven´t found anything better.

#4 Hulk vs. Hulkbuster

I know what do you think. "You *ucking idiot!! That scene is *ucking awesome!!" I agree and disagree too. It is epic scene but it is only about two giants making noise and mess. It hasen't got such good choragraphy.

#3 Hulk vs. Abomination

Yeah Hulk again. BUt he is one of most epic hand-smashers in MCU. And in this scene he is fighting against Abomination. Abomination is like some older Hulk on some kind of drugs. Hulk's fightsare awesome but that one is apecial. It is really awesome to see Hulk coming more and more angry.

Oh yeah!! HULK SMASH!!!!!.

#2 Thor vs. Captain America vs. Iron Man

"Energy on 400% of capacity." "How about that?" "Bdew!" I love that scene. And I know you like that scene too. Dark forest,three superheroes,one supervillain and night. What could go wrong?

"Put that hammer down!"

#1 Captain America vs. Winter soldier

Now let me introduce you number one! And it won't be anything other than Cap's fight against Winter soldier. Awesome fight scene on highway. Yes! There is a reason why I'm stuck on highway so many times. First gun against gun after it gun against shuield and after it fist against fist. It is like Cap fighting against his wicked version.


So, goodbye. See you again with my next post. Tell me if you enjoy and bye.



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