ByKatrina Stagg, writer at
Katrina Stagg

The red carpet is Hollywood's high fashion runway. A place where stars don the most talented designers' couture creations and strut there stuff for the cameras. An incredible dress can be talked about for ages and a disastrous misstep even longer.

There are teams of very talented people behind each star that walks the carpet: stylists, hair dressers, make-up artists, publicists, and so on. But even with a band of folks telling these stars what to wear and how to wear it, we often get to see the star's personality come through in their attire.

Some ladies of Hollywood rise above the rest with one stunning red carpet after another. Their bold and gorgeous choices earn them the title of 'Style Icon.'

Here are 5 young women who know how to work the red carpet!

1. Jennifer Lawrence

Jen is white hot

2. Emma Stone

Emma is perfect in pink

3. Emma Watson

Emma is killing it in the pants game

4. Kristen Stewart

Kristen is a stunner in black

5. Blake Lively

Blake is pregnant perfection


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