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Madam Hooch is competitive, encouraging, sassy, and witty. It is thanks to her that Harry Potter even discovers his talents on a broomstick, which lands him on Gryffindor's Quidditch team as a first year student.

We know Madam Hooch is a regular throughout the entire Harry Potter book series. But does anyone else find it odd that although Madam Hooch makes an appearance in the first film, we don't see her again for the following films?

Harry's First Time on a Broom

Just based off the video, we know Madam Hooch could whip you up to shape, whether you're a seeker, chaser, beater, or keeper. With her expertise and firmness, you're sure to be an incredible asset to any Quidditch team.

Not to mention Madam Hooch is the sharp referee for all Quidditch matches between the four houses.

So what happened to her after the first film?

Issues with Warner Bros?

Many actors who worked on Warner Brother's Harry Potter films reported that they weren't getting paid enough, especially actress Zoë Wanamaker who played the part of Madame Hooch. She mentioned that they were "notoriously mean" and "terrible" when it came to paying their actors.

Perhaps discrepancies in contracts between Wanamaker and the studios caused her to be booted from the rest of the series.

Too Minute A Role?

Hooch's role might just lack as much importance to justify her character being in any more films past the first one. This could have been another reason as to why the role of Hooch never returned.

Especially if Warner Brothers is stingy, I'm sure they care more about cutting corners than keeping the film consistent and true to the books.

While it is true that Madam Hooch didn't play an integral part in the Harry Potter series, I do think it would have been appropriate to keep her in the films to be loyal to the books. I know this attention to detail would have been gratuitously appreciated by fans.

I also know that Madam Hooch would have kicked ass alongside Harry, Ron, Hermione, Professor McGonagall, the Order of the Phoenix, and many more during the Battle of Hogwarts.

This one fierce woman would be an excellent addition to fighting off any villainous dark wizards who even dare mess with her precious students.

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