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Katrina Stagg

As a female, I grew up idolizing the beautiful women whose faces adorned the covers of all my magazines. They were perfect, flawless, and I felt like they were the standard of beauty that young women should strive for. I truly thought those thigh gaps, perfect cleavages and chiseled cheek bones were 100% natural... and possibly obtainable.

I'm not belittling the stunning good looks many of our celebrities have... They are natural beauties, but in most cases they have also been altered to unrealistic degrees. Once their photo is taken, and that truthful moment captured, there seems to be no limit to the amount of post-processing and "photoshopping" that's deemed acceptable after-the-fact.

We live in a time where we're forced to forget that everyone has flaws because of the constant bombardment of imagery that is altered, tweaked, touched up and ultimately, totally unrealistic.

So, here are eleven images where this pursuit of inhuman perfection has been taken to extremes...

Madonna gets 20 years back

Faith Hill and her stick-thin limbs

Zooey is that you?

Rimmel London makeup ad
Rimmel London makeup ad

Kiera Knightly gets a digital boob job

Demi Moore is missing her hips

Messing with perfection. Jennifer Lawrence gets a total body slim down

Tina fey looks rail thin

Prince William recieves a full head of hair

Kate Winslet said she saw the original photo and they "reduced the size of my legs by about a third".

Melissa McCarthy gets a shrunken head in this UK Poster for The Heat

Lady Gaga spoke out against this over-airbrushed Glamour cover shot

Many celebrities have begun speaking out against the ridiculous amount of altering done to their images. Have we reached the peak of this unrealistic idea of beauty?

Have you come across any radically photoshopped images? If so share them with me below!

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