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I've wandered around a lot of abandoned buildings, and I've seen a lot of creepy things, but nothing has ever come close to the pure menagerie of horror discovered by an urban explorer in one dilapidated and decrepit house.

The photographer, listed on Facebook as De Leon Photography, came across a collection of bizarre and haunting figures, mannequins and even coffins. Unlike most people, who would presumably flee as fast they could, he set up his tripod, adjusted the ISO and snapped the following pictures.

The photographer explains this is a papier-mâché figure which is supposed to resemble Harriet Tubman.

The further he explored, the more remnants of mannequins and models he uncovered...

It was then they realized they were likely exploring the bowels of an old, abandoned old wax museum...

If that's not creepy enough, they then came across this...

And what was in the basement?

Well, another coffin of course...

Sure, this stuff is all pretty disturbing, but it could have been much, much worse. Take a look at what the marketing department for Lord of Tears did in one abandoned hospital in Scotland:

Source: Facebook


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