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Think back to 1999. Remember that simpler time when all you needed to laugh was a group of friends and an Adam Sandler movie? You could just pop in Big Daddy, and all those elementary school woes and annoying prepubescent struggles could all be alleviated simply by watching man-boy Sandler trying to be a parent.

It's hard to believe that it's been 16 years since those moments, especially when you realize that Big Daddy's little kid went on to star in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Here's what the cast of one of Adam Sandler's funniest movies looks like after all this time!

Sonny Koufax - Adam Sandler

Age then: 32

Age now: 48

Major projects since: Mr. Deeds, Punch-Drunk Love, The Longest Yard, Click, Funny People, Grown Ups, Hotel Transylvania, Grown Ups 2

Fun fact: Big Daddy is the first Adam Sandler movie to feature his wife, Jackie Sandler. She plays the waitress who brings Julian a root beer toward the end, and she has gone on to be in many of Sandler's movies.

Layla Maloney - Joey Lauren Adams

Age then: 31

Age now: 47

Major projects since: The Break-Up, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Come Early Morning (director/screenwriter/actor), United States of Tara, Blue Caprice

Fun fact: Some speculate that Joey Lauren Adams' distinctively high-pitched voice has hampered her chances of superstardom. While some find it hypnotic and sexy, others (especially certain critics) find it grating.

Kevin Gerrity - Jon Stewart

Age then: 36

Age now: 52

Major projects since: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Evan Almighty, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Rosewater (director)

Fun fact: Mimicking his character's impressively well-adjusted personality, Jon Stewart inspired his college soccer team to give out a yearly award in his honor. Players at the College of William and Mary offer the "Liebo" award, named after Stewart's birth name "Liebowitz," to the team's clown/sweetheart.

Cole/Dylan Sprouse - Julian 'Frankenstein' McGrath

Ages then: 6

Ages now: 22

Major projects since: Friends, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, The Suite Life on Deck

Fun fact: Don't worry, no actual urination took place for little Cole and Dylan Sprouse. They used pocket-sized pumps to create the desired effect in that memorable scene.

Corinne Maloney - Leslie Mann

Age then: 27

Age now: 43

Major projects since: Ithe The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Funny People, Rio, This is 40, ParaNorman, The Bling Ring, [Mr. Peabody & Sherman](tag:12922), The Other Woman, Rio 2

Fun fact: For a still-unknown reason, there is a noticeable foot fetish in Big Daddy. Corrine Maloney is a foot doctor, Sonny likens Julian's smell to a foot, and the teacher's name is Mrs. Foote.

Arthur Brooks - Josh Mostel

Age then: 52

Age now: 68

Major projects since: Knockaround Guys, Beneath the Harvest Sky, Growing Up and Other Lies

Fun fact: The character Arthur Brooks gets his namesake from real-life producer Brooks Arthur, who has worked on all of Sandler's albums and the score for Big Daddy.


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