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Now, a few days ago, we took a look at the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and at both just how powerful each of them actually is, and at how that power translates into an actual ranking system. The resulting top ten was...controversial, not least because of the hero who ended up in the number one spot.

The thing about the MCU, though, is that it's actually pretty small - meaning that there're actually only about 20 heroes to choose from, no matter what. In the comic-book realm, though, there's a whole lot more choice...and, as a result, a whole lot tougher set of decisions to make. With MP-er Derder Sammy having already taken a look at Marvel's villainous power-levels, though, it seems it may well be time to move away from the House of Ideas, and towards their greatest rivals: DC.

And, specifically, to the company's countless ridiculously powerful villains, asking the question:

Which DC Villain Is the Most Powerful?

Now, there are a few obvious limitations, here. First up, they have to consistently be villains (meaning temporarily-evil Superman doesn't enter the equation, nor do higher beings along the lines of The Presence). Similarly, if you notice I'm staying well clear of The Sandman and its Endless, and in fact Vertigo as a whole, there's a (morally-complex) reason for that.

The other key component? We're talking power here, and not just strength. Sure, being able to bench-press a planet is a good indicator, but there're more ways than that to get evil-doing done, as some of the below have long-since proven.

So, then - first up:

10. Darkseid

Yup, that's right - you haven't read the list upside down: Darkseid only makes it to number 10.

Sure, he may be edging ever-closer to that Anti-Life equation, and may already have the ability to straight-up destroy planets, but on this list, that only gets you to number 10.

Even if you are a New God...

9. Overmaster

For any Marvel fans reading this, Overmaster may sounds strikingly familiar - being a galactic wanderer prone to destroying civilizations that get in his way, usually opposed by the universe's pre-eminent superhero team.

Now, sure, that team's the Justice League, and Overmaster doesn't always go on about hungering, but that's a strikingly similar shtick to a certain Galactus, Devourer of Worlds.

Which is to say, he's horrifyingly powerful - but only enough so to make it to number 9.

8. Imperiex

Now, there are a whole lot of ways to exude complete and utter power - but there aren't too many more utterly showy than Imperiex's preferred method: possessing the literal power of the Big Bang within his own body.

"Sure, having the power of an atom bomb or some sort of large sun is great and all," you can imagine him pointing out to his contemporaries, "but I LITERALLY CAN CREATE AND DESTROY UNIVERSES USING THE POWER OF THE BIG BANG."

And, let's be honest, there's no arguing with that (unless you're Superman, of course)...

7. Larfleeze

In a line-up full of entertainingly silly-sounding names, Larfleeze may well have the greatest - but he only makes it in at number 7, despite his complete control over the Orange Light of Avarice.

So, in other words, he has the equivalent power of the entire Green Lantern Corps. In one lantern.

Still a silly name, though...

6. Dominus

Originally an alien priest named Tuoni, the being known as Dominus eventually transcended the infernal magic he had - in anger - mastered, and gained vast psionic and cosmic powers.

And yet, seeing as no-one seems to really like the character, he...doesn't actually turn up much. Still, sixth spot - way to go, Tuoni!

5. Nekron, Neron, Trigon and Assorted Devils

Now, it'd be entirely possible to fill the bulk of this list with a whole load of demonic entities, each subtly more powerful than the last - but then we wouldn't have been able to fit Darkseid in, and where'd the fun be in that?

So, Nekron, Neron, Trigon and their ilk end up bunched together, in what would be a terrible and incredibly destructive grouping...were they actually inclined to work together. That's the thing about extra-dimensional devils - they're not good team players.

4. Parallax

Quite literally the living embodiment of fear, Parallax is a parasitic entity that lives off of fear - a sort of demonic anomaly, driven by human weakness.

The actual constraints of Parallax's power are, in some ways, very much finite - but since the limit is (sort-of) the power of those it possesses, and they're often very, very, very powerful indeed, that's not a whole lot of comfort to whom Parallax opposes.

3. The Anti-Monitor

About as powerful (and potentially universe-destroying) as the DC universe's big-bad's tend to come, the Anti-Monitor has the dubious honor of having caused the original Crisis on Infinite Earths - and almost destroying the DC universe as we know it.

Also, he's freaking HUGE. And killed Supergirl that one time. So he's both incredibly powerful, and a massive asshole.

2. Krona

Now, the Anti-Monitor is ridiculously powerful and all - but there's still definitely something to be said for being the source of all evil in the DC universe. That's right, aside from being virtually indestructible, Krona inadvertently managed to not only give birth to all of the universe's possible evil (via a machine that let him see the dawn of time) but also the Anti-Matter universe from which came...The Anti-Monitor.

Oh, and then he ended up being absorbed by the Cosmic Egg and transforming into a God. So there's that.

1. Mr. Mxyzptlk

Yup, that's right: Mr. Mxyzptlk. The guy with a hat. The fifth dimensional pain-in-the-ass beats out the power-houses below him for two key reasons:

1. Despite usually being a lot less dangerous than many of the others on this list, he still usually (at least partly) plays the role of a villain, unlike, say, a being such as the Decreator, which isn't actually villainous, merely horrifyingly destructive.


2. He can literally do anything he can imagine. about as close to omnipotence as it's possible to get.

Hats off to you, then, Mr. Mxyzptlk. Hats off to you...

The thing is, though - that's all just my opinion. What really matters is what you all think - so let me know where I went wrong (or right) below, and share your own rankings, opinions and general observations!

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