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(Note, mild SPOILERS for Avengers: Age of Ultron are to be found below - proceed with caution and such...)

Now, the past few weeks haven't exactly been unkind to us when it comes to giant, hulking (though sadly Hulk-less) reveals of details from the Captain America: Civil War set. After an early first tease of Bucky, we've already seen Black Widow getting ready for action, a first glimpse of Cap's new Nemesis, a whole lot of funeral, an unmasked villain, Cap and Crossbones going at it in video form and both Iron Man and Ant-Man making their first appearances.

Now, though, we're just getting spoiled...

Jeremy Renner Just Revealed the New Captain America: Civil War Logo...and Hawkeye

Yup, that's right: Renner, obviously feeling a little left out by the awesome reveals shared by his co-stars (and a whole lot of ardent fans filming from the sidelines) recently took to Twitter to share a first glimpse of Hawkeye on the Civil War set - that just so happened to also include our first look at the movie's new logo...

Which, from the looks of it, is...very much a logo:

It's un-flashy, straightforward and very clear about what it's telling you - which is appropriate, really, for a film about Captain America. It's also, though, not necessarily the film's final logo, which means it needs to be taken with something of a pinch of salt.

Hawkeye, On the Other Hand... almost certainly in some sort of new costume - which will most certainly be the one we see him in when the movie finally arrives.

The question now, though, is just how much it's changed since Avengers: Age of Ultron... incredibly difficult to say for sure.

That said, it's certainly still a long ways away from Hawkeye's original outfit in The Avengers...

...which suggests that it's likely more an evolution of his far more popular appearance in Age of Ultron - the question now then being just how much evolution we'll be seeing. After all, it needs to be both recognizably (and un-controversially) Hawkeye, yet still distinct enough to allow for new action figures to be made.

What do you think, though?



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