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The Rock has just climbed a few rungs on everybodys' favorite celebrity ladder by ordaining a superfan's surprise wedding and making the happiest day of his life even happier than he ever thought possible.

The groom, Nick Mundy of Screen Junkies, has been a mega-fan of The Rock for years and he became friendly with the star after meeting him at various press junkets, including the one for Furious 7 earlier this year. In fact, the pair hit it off so swimmingly that Mundy asked Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson to be his best man, but the star politely declined.

The Rock and Nicky Mundy have grown close over the years
The Rock and Nicky Mundy have grown close over the years

Little did Mundy know that this rejection was all part of an elaborate ruse. Instead of blowing his friend off, The Rock decided on his own accord that he wanted to be part of the big day and he ended up performing the most important role in the ceremony.

The Rock surprised Mundy by inviting him to a San Andreas press junket that was in fact his own wedding and then shocked him even more by standing at the end of the aisle to officiate the ceremony.

As you can image, the reactions are priceless and I've done a breakdown of the best bits below:

You're Here!

After a disastrous press junket, Nick Mundy finally bumps into The Rock.

"You Thought Today Was Going to be Terrible, but Actually It's the Happiest Day of Your Life"

"I'm Gonna Walk You Down the Aisle, Baby"

"We Are Gathered Here Today..."

"You May Kiss the Bride"

You can watch the whole elaborate and heartwarming prank in the video below:

Despite getting married with "America pants on," Nick Mundy and his new wife Dilara Karabas couldn't have looked any happier as newly weds...Although The Rock might be outdoing them a bit in the picture below:

And now The Rock is ordained, he could, in theory, officiate your wedding too. HURRAH!

(Source: MTV via Screen Junkies)


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