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2017 is quite a fair amount of time to wait for Wonder Woman's first solo cinematic outing and I mean really long, considering we've been twiddling our thumbs, waiting for Diana Prince to bring her Amazonian badassery to the big screen after over 70 years of doling out beatings to evil doers.

But I almost forgot that we live in the age of the internet, and with the internet comes incredible fan made content! Like this epic Wonder Woman trailer from YouTuber Alex Luthor.

Using found footage from other movies and WW fan films, Alex Luthor pits Diana against Ares, the Ancient Greek god of war, who seeks to destroy humanity for reasons unknown. Maybe Netflix suspended his account, who knows.

But most interesting are the two cheeky cameos from a pair of very powerful future allies who Diana bumps into at the end of the trailer...

Alright, enough suspense. Here's the vid:

That was pretty awesome, right?! But we've come to expect that from Alex Luthor by now. He's always dealing in the most epic of fan made trailers.

Saying that, did you manage to wrap your eyes around the trailer? Yes? No? Well you know what? This post is looking rather light on gifs...


Let the giffery commence!

Setting The Scene

Here's Paradise Island looking all idyllic and picturesque...

And its inhabitants raving it up like there isn't a trouble in the world...

But Not Princess Diana of Themyscira!

Oh no, for, on her wanders, she has seen troubles brewing on the horizon.

The World Engine is just the icing on the cake of destruction.

Enter Ares

And Ares is the filling. The quick tempered god plans on raining destruction down upon humanity.

Suit Up

Diana readies herself for battle, becoming...

Wonder Woman

And for the rest of the tale, you'll just have to watch the video now, won't you?

Bonus Justice League Awesomeness!

But I couldn't leave without showing you the cameos from none other than the Dark Knight and Man of Steel themselves...

...And Bruce Wayne has his sights set on a couple of other DC stalwarts he's particularly interested in, and bless him for running the idea past his super-pals first. What a team player!

Pretty cool, huh? Great work, Alex Luthor, on another epic fan made trailer! I wonder what he has in store for us next?

(Source: Alex Luthor/YouTube)


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