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Normally to get some insight into a serial killer's mind people read the newspaper clippings of their crimes and wonder just how a human being can go that far; to be pushed to the very limits, to do something so gravely unkind and inflict so much fear and sadness onto others.

But maybe, all you need to do is look at little quirks in people, strange things they believe, maybe they even were capable of huge acts of kindness? Surely a serial killer wouldn't be capable of good? Then again, why wouldn't they?

Maybe none of it can be rationalized! Here are some crazy facts about some very infamous serial killers, and some are very surprising!

1. The BTK killer

Kansas serial killer, the BTK Killer, installed alarms as a part of his job, and many of his clients had booked the company to stop BTK from ever entering their homes, unaware that BTK himself was installing them.

Added crazy fact: Anna Williams received a bizarre poem lamenting her absence from her home on the night of April 28, 1979. The author of the letter? The serial killer, BTK, who had been waiting in her bedroom closet that night.

That is so creepy!

2. Richard Chase

Serial killer and cannibal Richard Chase only broke into houses that were unlocked. If they were locked, he thought it meant he was unwelcome but if they were not he saw it as an invitation to enter.

He also believed he could absorb vitamin C through his brain by placing oranges on his head. Ok...

3. Ottis Toole

His grandmother was allegedly a Satanist who took him out to dig graves for rituals. The serial killer confessed to hundreds of murders, but was only convicted of five.

4. Rodney Alcala

Sentenced to death for five murders, the loathed murderer actually won a dating game in the 1970s!

Luckily the woman didn't actually go on the date with him as she found him 'creepy,' which is lucky for her!

The toll of his victims could be over 100 police have said.

5. Ted Bundy

Serial killer Ted Bundy was once genuinely in love with a woman with large dark hair parted down the middle. She rejected him and he then went on to kill over 30 known women, most of whom had long dark hair, parted down the middle.

Added crazy fact: He once saved a life! He rescued a child from drowning and, considering he confessed to 30 murders, this seems like a strange thing to have happened.

6. Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer pulled so many weird pranks in high school his classmates dubbed it “doing a Dahmer.”

He murdered 17 young men and boys, cannibalized them, and stored them in his apartment.

7. Vlado Taneski

Macedonian crime reporter, Vlado Taneski, who wrote stories about a serial killer actually turned out to the serial killer.

8. David Parker Ray

Named the Toy-Box Killer, he had an $100,000 homemade torture chamber in his old mobile home. He tape recorded himself talking to the victims explaining in detail what was going to happen to them.

9. John Wayne Gacy

The 'Killer Clown' was very active in his community, and would often dress up as a clown to entertain the local children.

Because of his contributions, Gacy met and was photographed with the then First Lady, Rosalynn Carter, and also given secret service clearance.

10. Robert Pickton

The Pig Farmer Killer fashioned a dildo to the barrel of his .22 caliber revolver to act as a makeshift silencer to use on his victims.

11. Richard Ramierz

Known as 'The Night Stalker,' he married prison pen pal Doreen Lioy while on death row. They divorced 17 years later.

He killed 14 people in Los Angeles and San Francisco in the mid 1980s.

12. Edmund Kemper

The foreboding serial killer was being interviewed alone in a room with former FBI agent Robert Ressler when things started to become creepy. Trying to exit the room, Ressler pressed a button wanting to be let out, no-one came. He continued to press for attention, but still no-one came.

Picking up on the anxiety, Edmund said;

“If I went apes—t in here, you’d be in a lot of trouble, wouldn’t you? I could screw your head off and place it on the table to greet the guard.”

However, he did nothing, and when guards turned up he said he was "only joking."

13. Aileen Wuornos

Americas most famous female serial killer was an incredible artist who would draw pictures using a blue ball point pen.

14. Charles Manson

His prison wedding was cancelled after it was discovered that the marriage was part of an elaborate money making scheme that involved Manson’s fiancée, Afton Elaine Burton, putting his body on display after he died.

15. Pedro López

The killer was released from a mental hospital on $50 bail in 1998. He was eventually convicted of murdering 110 young girls and confessed to another 240.

source: buzzfeed


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