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Common knowledge would dictate that kids will try to avoid horrifying and terrifying spectacles whenever possible.

Sure, that makes sense, unless of course they ARE the terrifying, horrifying spectacle. Last week we took a look at some kid cosplay that was far from childish, and the response was rather massive. Along with comments which travelled the entire spectrum from 'Aww adorable!' to "Arrgh horrible!", you also posted your own pictures of your kids preparing to terrorize your neighborhood on Halloween. Let's take a look at some:

1. This Is Why You Don't Run With Scissors

Thanks to Whitney Bree.

2. The Happy Couple

Thanks to Amanda Skaggs.

3. You Look Just Like Your Sister...

Thanks to Krystin Poore.

4. Aww, Her Terrible Head Wound Is The Shape of a Heart!

Thanks to Rob Keller.

5. Introducing Gap Kids Range in Zombified Princess Garments

Thanks to Randi Barna-Root


Thanks to Lacey Graves.

7. Kids Should Be Seen, Not Heard


Thanks to Ashley Wilson.

9. Scream Queen

Thanks to Kimberly Cooper.

10. Alice in Murderland

Thanks to Kellie Hopkins


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