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Back in November of 2010, almost a full year before DC rebooted their entire universe with the New 52, they had a different sort of reimagining brewing with the critically acclaimed release of Superman: Earth One. Superman: Earth One was written by J. Michael Straczynski, who would go on to write the "Grounded" story arc, which ended Superman's story in preparation for the New 52 reboot. At the time of the release of Superman: Earth One, DC had promised that they would be releasing many different Earth One titles, which are all released in the form of stand-alone graphic novels of between 125 and 160 pages each, roughly the length of a 5 or 6 issue story arc. They also promised that the second Superman graphic novel was planned for a year later. It took two years for Superman: Earth One Volume 2 to hit shelves, and the first Batman: Earth One graphic novel also came out July of that year. Teen Titans: Earth One was released in November of last year, and Superman Volume 3 and Batman Volume 2 have been released this year, with the long-awaited Wonder Woman: Earth One scheduled for release this November. It seems like after a little turbulence, the Earth One line might be starting to pick up steam, so here are five DC titles that need to be given the Earth One treatment.

Green Lantern

The Flash

Green Arrow

Legion of Super-Heroes


I have yet to read Teen Titans: Earth One, but that is the only one I haven't read, and so far I haven't been disappointed by any of the Superman or Batman volumes. I am very confident that whatever DC has in mind next for their Earth One line will be mind blowing, whether it is the characters I have listed or something completely out of left field, like Teen Titans kind of was. What do you think? Have you been enjoying the Earth One line, sparing as it may be? What characters would you like to see given the Earth One treatment? Sound off in the comments below.


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