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Now, there aren't too many fans out there who have anything remotely resembling a problem with Stephen Amell's portrayal of (Green) Arrow in the eponymous CW series - through a blend of grit and geekery he's managed to successfully inhabit the role far better than anyone initially imagined.

Sadly for Amell, though, no amount of excellence of popularity is likely to win him a part in the DC Cinematic Universe, should Green Arrow turn up on the big screen any time soon. DC has, after all, evidently decided to keep its TV and movie adaptations completely separate - meaning the character would almost certainly be recast.

Fortunately, though, there might just be a high-profile contender waiting in the wings, one who could likely play the character just as well as Amell - and, better still, we can - thanks to the ever-excellent artwork of BossLogic - actually get a glimpse of him in the role, allowing us to pretend (if only for a moment) that his casting is more than mere speculation.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, introducing:

Charlie Green Arrow

Which, I suspect you may well agree, would be awesome. After all, Green Arrow's already basically looked like Hunnam for most of the past half-century...

And, as it turns out, goes nicely with some of BossLogic's other recent imaginings, including:

A very Supernatural Nightwing

An (Arch)Angelic Ben Hardy

And a (Psy)locked in Olivia Munn...

What do you reckon, though?

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