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Well, to be honest, one of these Batman vs Superman spoilers is a new one and the other has been around for quite some time. Either way, consider yourself spoiler warned at this point. We have some new details on what kind of Lex Luthor we might see in the movie, and a possible reveal of his upgraded look and what's going on in the big showdown, as well as an interesting teaser about Wonder Woman that could tie into the news surrounding her own movie as well. But let's take a look at these two rumors and how they relate to what we know about the big Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie that is set to launch the new DC movie universe in earnest.

It's the Age of Wonder Woman

Let's get the older one out of the way first. It seems like years ago, but it was actually back in December of last year when we first heard that Wonder Woman, or Princess Diana or Diana Prince, would be revealed in Batman vs Superman to be possibly hundreds of years old - with Diana showing up in photographs dating back to the 1800s. The age of Wonder Woman has been largely left up to fan speculation in the comic books - there's one wikia site that puts her age as being born in 1925. But this is taking into account her original origins as being molded out of clay by the Greek gods - something that her New 52 version has changed.

The ageless look of Wonder Woman
The ageless look of Wonder Woman

While it was confirmed that we would be seeing The New 52 version of Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman - an origin story that consists of her being a demi-god born out of an affair between Zeus and Queen Hippolyta - this doesn't really shed any light on exactly how old she is supposed to be. But her new godly status would certainly mean that normal human ageing isn't going to be something Wonder Woman has to worry about.

This photograph of Wonder Woman from the 1800's is something that has been rumored to be in the files Lex Luthor is collecting on metahumans - the very files that Batman gets his hands on in order to start up memberships in the Justice League by the end of the movie. His research into metahumans is rumored to play a big part of his evil scheming in Batman vs Superman, but not as big as his tinkering with the leftovers from Superman's big brawl with Zod in Man of Steel.

Lex Luthor Power Up

There have been so many reports of Doomsday being the big bad that the Trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman fight at the end of Batman vs Superman that it seems all but confirmed at this point. And Doomsday has been considered to be created using the remains of Zod in many of these rumors. But recently the folks at JoBlo cited trusted sources that say Lex Luthor will also be seen in action wearing his battle-suit that has popped up frequently in the pages of DC comics.

Lex Luthor in Convergence: JLA
Lex Luthor in Convergence: JLA

Recently in the pages of DC's big Convergence event, we see a sleeker look for Lex Luthor's traditionally purple and green armor. Historically Lex's battle gear has been pretty bulky - not unlike the suit Batman is seen wearing the trailer - but the report says that we'll be seeing something more appropriate to Zack Snyder's sensibilities and his current look in the comic books could be closer to what we'll see in Batman vs Superman.

There are two interesting things to consider with Lex Luthor stepping into a battlesuit and first is the fact that there's another guy - Batman, who is also gearing up in his own Superman proof suit. Add to that the rumor of Lex Luthor being the main instigator in pitting Batman and Superman against each other and you might have a big clue about how the big Batman v Superman fight starts and ends. Did Lex give Batman some advice on how to arm himself against Superman from his research on his own battlesuit? Is Luthor giving Batman a behind the scenes assist in the Superman fight that proves to be a big reveal on his true nature and what he's been working on in the labs of LexCorp?

What do you think? What do you make of these [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) rumors? IS it becoming more and more clear that Lex Luthor has gotten his hands on some Kryptonian powers? Are you looking forward to this version of Lex Luthor stepping up being more of a fighter than previous iterations? Is is too much too soon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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