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Believe it or not, you and me may well be living in a Hollywood golden-age, or at least a golden age for ridiculousness. Where producers once said "why should we?", now they're singing choruses of "why not?". Complain all you want about the Suicide Squad photos, but just think upon the fact that this is a world where a Suicide Squad movie is actually a viable idea! Studios are chasing the Avengers high in which they all realised that a worldwide audience just doesn't care about plausibility.

With plausibility no longer an integral factor to big-budget production, a certain few projects are freed up greatly, perhaps none more so than Gareth Edwards' upcoming Godzilla 2, the long awaited sequel to Godzilla!

No not that one!
No not that one!

Think back to the 1998 Godzilla (if you're old enough!) Remember how tame Tristar tried to play it in comparison to the Japanese productions? "We can't have Godzilla fight another giant monster, that's too much for a western audience to handle! Let's just play it safe and rip off Jurassic Park!" Long gone are those days, for filmmakers have since come to the shocking realisation that audiences tend to like big stupid stuff blowing up in their faces!

Mothra, Rodan and Gidorah to Appear in Godzilla 2

Actual screen shot confirmed!
Actual screen shot confirmed!

At last year's Comic-Con, director Gareth Edwards teased the prospect of classic Godzilla monsters Mothra, Rodan and Gidorah making their first western appearances in Godzilla 2. While some would take this as definite confirmation, these are still pre-production times before even a script has been formulated. As concrete we want Gareth Edwards' neat ideas to be, they are still just neat ideas. But hey, we live in the age of "why not". So why not go the extra mile, and exhibit the ultimate display of just not caring about how people might judge your project?

Why not add King Kong?

The idea of adding King Kong to the mix in Godzilla 2 sounds pretty absurd, but it would no doubt make for the Batman v Superman of kaiju movies. For anyone with even a passing knowledge of monster movies, Kong is the first place their minds go. We as audiences used to be ashamed of this kind of thing. Jumping to every possible combination of entertainment used to appear eager and lacking in foresight. Then the viewership realised that eager and lacking in foresight were qualities mainstream filmmaking possessed right from the beginning. You want proof that King Kong vs Godzilla would be feasible? Look no further than a movie called, funnily enough, King Kong vs Godzilla!

So it worked in the 60s. Big deal. Times have changed, and we participate in a more story driven film industry now. Schlocky fun and deep stories have melded over time, and it has become the norm not to address that. King Kong vs Godzilla might be just the thing to break the conflation of Hollywood apart once more. That all said, I know what the most direct response to this claim might be.

King Kong vs Godzilla doesn't make sense

You're right. It doesn't...
You're right. It doesn't...

Well no. If you're going by the actual canon formed by each respective film series, then King Kong vs Godzilla makes no sense at all. Kong is but a fraction the size of Godzilla. It would be like me fighting a guinea pig (which would probably win), and would look absurd on film. How did the 1962 release get around this logical inconsistency? They ignored it. Yes, that is possible, even in today's era of ultimate iterations and shared universes. People have always guided the canon of film, not the other way around.

To finally accept something as ridiculous as King Kong being included in Godzilla 2 might be a sign of progress towards us being a more savvy consumer-base. Why has the onus always been on us to be sensible? It might sound strange, but an audience that demands and accepts crazy inconsistencies in their movies is actually more powerful than one that simply complains about the internal logic of the stories they're given.

"but how did Godzilla walk with a mass of" SHUT UP!
"but how did Godzilla walk with a mass of" SHUT UP!

So why not? Let's go ahead and see King Kong introduced in Godzilla 2! There's nothing in our way to stop us... except Universal owning the rights to King Kong. Dang it!


Would you like to see Godzilla pitched against King Kong?


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