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Rodolfo Guzman Huerta debuted in the ring in 1934, but his legend began to weave the July 26, 1942 at the legendary Arena Mexico . That night he was born Santo, the Silver Mask .

Rodolfo knew he was gifted since his early years. Always fighting for injustice. He was known as having brutish strength and had defeated up to ten men in one fight as a child. Earning him his nickname meaning "The Saint" from all the people he had helped though out the years.

The legend of Santo was never the result of chance . His tenacity and versatility in the ring earned him the respect of his opponents and the public's admiration. Respectable nightly filled the arenas where the Silver Masked destroyed his fearsome rivals. He was tough and technical but , above all, was an honest fighter who did not have to resort to tricks or scandals to increase its deserved fame .

He knew his power could not only be limited to the ring. He felt a calling.Santo wanted to end with the evil that plagued our planet.

In his adventures , Santo faced psychopathic murderers, space monsters , evil witches , international gangsters, vampires, thirsting for revenge. mummies , mad scientists or against all the time, always looking for the triumph of law and justice .

Santo battles an evil scientist who has created a race of zombies.
Santo battles an evil scientist who has created a race of zombies.

Santo achieved a unique and unexpected internationalization thanks to the delirious horror film entitled Santo vs. women vampire. In the tradition of the best Gothic film, Silver Mask faced vampires disturbing the middle of a ruined castle , cobwebs and open graves. With the help of sophisticated tools -wrist intercoms, videophones and convertibles- futuristic cars Santo became a kind of James Bond masked, always ready to fight for justice.

In his adventures , Santo was always surrounded by beautiful women. Some were formidable opponents, as was Lorena Velázquez in Santo vs. the vampire women or disturbing Maura Monti in Santo against invading Martians ; others, like the sculptural Elizabeth Campbell 67 or the equally impressive Amedee Chabot of The Treasure of Montezuma , They were all conquered by the gallantry of man in the silver mask. Santo has conquered Spain , France and the United States. Of these, the most popular was Santo in the Treasure of Dracula ( 1968 ) than abroad was known as The Vampire of sex.

More recently , Santo joined the world of cartoons produced by Cartoon Network. Santo will continue to live on the screens for a long time to delight the legions of fans who still want to see him succeed in the ring and against all evil.


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