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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Jo Isnain

Everyone was shocked by the season finale of The Flash. Why? Well, for starters Barry did travel back in time but didn't save his mother, we now know that Flashpoint might not happen (who knows?) also 2 fan favorites died, those are Rick Cosnett's Eddie Thawne and Tom Cavanagh's Eobard Thawne/Harrison Wells. But I just have 1 question, how come Barry exists? (well, technically, how does The Flash exist?) Because we all know that Harrison Wells was just Eoboard Thawne traveling back in time and morphing himself into Dr. Wells so he could build the Particle Accelerator faster and get back to his time. But one thing that bothers me is...

If Eddie Thawne killed himself in the past, that means Eobard would never exist and the whole future Thawne family never exists! So how does The Flash exist?!

So let me explain to you even deeper, we all know Eobard went back in time from the future right? So if Eddie is his great, great, great grandfather or just great, great grandfather, and Eddie kills himself, that means in the future Eobard Thawne and the rest of the Thawne family never exists, so that means Eobard never traveled back in time to kill Barry's mother and failed and the real Harrison Wells wouldn't die, and so the Particle Accelerator would still be built but finishes in the year 2020 (as Eobard says in the episode "Who is Harrison Wells?"), so that would mean Barry never got struck by lightning yet back then but in 2020, so how does he exist?

Did that effect the real Harrison Wells from dying?

So if Eobard never killed Harrison Wells, then he would still be alive; and what if he did completed the Particle Accelerator in the year 2014 (the year Barry got his powers)? But does that effect...

Cisco and Caitlin from working at STAR Labs and becoming Vibe and Killer Frost?

What if Caitlin and Cisco never met Harrison Wells? Heck. they may have never worked at STAR Labs if Eobard had never traveled back in time. Then both of them wouldn't become the people they were destined to be, Cisco Ramon becomes Vibe and Caitlin Snow becomes the villain known as Killer Frost. And yet another question remains...

Did/Will Flashpoint happen?

In Barry's speedforce vision we see visions of the past and future, but so did Flashpoint; we saw Caitlin becoming Killer Frost but that could happen even without Flashpoint because Cisco was also effected by the Particle Accelerator explosion without him even knowing it. So that begs the question...

How can Barry still have his powers and become The Flash?

My theory? Time repeats itself, so we know that Barry is The Flash and Eobard is from the future, but what if it can all happen again? What if Eobard would keep coming and coming from the future until that moment when he is erased from existence because Thawne dies?


How do you think Flash still exists?


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