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1 - 20 Facts About Deadpool That Will Make You Look Like an Expert! by Caitlin Perreault

Excited for the Deadpool film, but not up to speed with Marvel's mouthiest maverick? Caitlin Perrault takes us through 20 things we need know about the Merc with a Mouth, including his multiple wives and crushing fear of cows.

2 - It's Mario vs Minecraft in this Fan Made, Live-Action Battle! by Andrew McMurry

Whether you’re a gamer or not, chances are you’ve heard about the incredible phenomenon that is ‘Minecraft’ at some point or another. It even seems like word about the new hit game has spread as far as the Mushroom Kingdom, where not everyone is a fan. In this fun and interactive video, MP new comer Andrew McCurry creates a battle scene between two of gamings biggest franchises - Super Mario vs. Minecraft. Who wins? Well, you’ve got to watch to find out.

3 - Redefining Superhero Gender Roles Through Clothing by Kaitlin Thatcher

Fan art, and art in general, is a great medium to address and challenge issues we come across in today's society, and new Moviepilot Creator Kaitlin Thatcher has used her artwork to do just that. With humor and exaggeration she has questioned the stereotypes and gender roles of superheroes, resulting in an interesting series of superheroes, redefined through their clothing. Check it out!

4 - 5 Characters who could die in Captain America: Civil War! by Alex Page

Following the leaked news of the first casualty in Captain America: Civil War, Alex Page shares his thoughts on who else might up for the chop.

5 - How 'The Simpsons' Did 'The Hangover' Way Before 'The Hangover' Did by Ishfaq Miraj

Remember that really hilarious and original movie The Hangover? I don’t because (wait for it... South Park reference coming up) "SIMPSONS DID IT!" That’s right, ol’ Ned Flanders and Homer got themselves stuck in a sticky situation down in Las Vagas in a classic episode of The Simpsons that when placed side by side to The Hangover is suspiciously similar. Well done to Ishfaq Miraj for spotting this one!

6 - Official Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron Prints to Brighten Your Walls and Your Day by Sam Gilbey

Are you having a rough day? Fear not because new Creator Sam Gilbey is here to brighten up your wall AND your day. As a lifelong fan of comics and superheroes he has been able to combine business with pleasure, showcasing his incredible work at several pop culture shows in Los Angeles. Let's be honest, who wouldn't want one of his pieces on their wall? Check out his art and show him some love!

7 - How The Arrow-Verse Can Expand And Have Existing Shows Also Connect! by Akash Saravanan

With the recent conclusion of both Arrow and The Flash, there is a lot of speculation about how the Arrow-verse will continue to develop by crossing over with different DC TV series. Akash Saravanan has some great theories about how this could all go down, and if he’s correct then the action is nowhere NEAR finished yet. Check out the article and weigh in on his theories in the comments.

8 - Batman and Darth Vader, My Furious Nightmare by Furio Tedeschi

If you thought Batman and Darth Vader were intimidating enough…you’d be wrong. Furio Tedeschi is the mind behind one of the most incredible visual incarnations of these two characters you have yet to lay eyes on. Batman is futuristic as hell and just wait until you see Darth without his helmet on!

9 - "Cool" First Look at Killer Frost in CW's The Flash! by Mason Seidel

Fans of The CW's DC universe were treated to more than just a season finale this week, with many other up and coming gems being revealed by the network. In this post, Mason Seidel explores a new character set to feature in The Flash, Killer Frost. Taking this news one step further, Mason educates us on the character from its comic book origin, making her appearance in the show even more exciting!

10 - Captain America Civil War - Continuity Theory by Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson considers the likelihood of how Marvel's civil war will play out in their cinematic universe. By dividing clear facts from speculation, he gives us cause to be excited for the upcoming clash between Stark and Rogers, whilst also discussing the shifting character roles of Black Panther and Spider-Man. Take a look and let him know your thoughts on the upcoming movie!

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